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How To Build Wealth Consciousness Through Happiness
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We all know that happy people find it easier to attract abundance in all areas of their lifers. Just take a look at Warren Buffet: Whatever you may think of the man, he is a happy man and life has treated him well, giving him not only wealth, but also love and contentment in his personal life.

Most of us do not understand that our internal thoughts create our outside reality and not the other way round, as we have been taught. Yet your outside reality is nothing, or at least very little to do with what the economy is doing, your neighbour is doing, or your spouse is doing.

When you access your inner happiness you react to outside circumstances in a very different manner. The left and right and side of your brain are more in alignment causing feelings of well being and calm. You are less impacted by the world around you and this creates a strong energy signature which is reflected in the universe via your reality.

When you get this idea and understand how your thoughts create your external circumstances you can start making big shifts in your life. From this place of internal happiness and peace you also start to detach yourself from your outside circumstances.

All those little niggling things as well as the big things in life do not have the power to move you and trigger feelings of anxiety, fear or sadness any more as they once used. I am not saying that happiness is that eternal state that keeps you forever in a state of nirvana, but it will certainly keep you centered and make you more resilient.

The language of the universe is vibration

It is not English or French, the language of the universe is pure energy. The feelings you have about yourself expressed in your thinking are energy signatures that send ripples into the universe thus creating your reality.

What you say about yourself becomes true in a reciprocal universe. Learning to enter a state of happiness is a key element in turning your life from lack to abundance. It is your job to create feelings and images about yourself that bring wealth, abundance, joy and health into your life if you want happiness, joy and wealth.

You can do this by declaring a point of view about yourself that is in alignment with your desires. For example, when you declare "I am wealth", or "I am health", or "I am a fantastic trader" the universe will bring these circumstances to you.

The trick is maintaining the vibration of your self declaration. The statement "I am happy" is an immensely powerful one. When you say "I am happy" first thing in the morning, even if it is not true, over time you will notice how you actually start feeling happier more often. This in turn will also change your external reality. Learn to be congruent with your feelings about your desires and change will happen often very quickly.

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