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How To Create Success From Within
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The law of emergence teaches us that we create our reality from within and not from the outside inwards. This is the true secret of abundance of any form. This concept seems to be particularly difficult to grasp for most Westerners. Yet anyone in a performance orientated job, like trading where the focus appears to be mainly on producing results will know how the law of emergence creates the quality of achievement, even if they are not consciously fully aware of how it all works.

Let's dig a little deeper: How does the trader produce results? He does so by watching the financial markets and making timely buying and selling decisions.

As any well seasoned trader will tell you the need to produce good trading results often causes impulse trades and overtrading in an attempt to meet a financial target. When this happens a trader is out of alignment with himself. In other words he is not centered and not in touch with himself. He has temporarily lost the ability to allow the data presented to him on the screen be received by his body and mind.

That's right, I said body and mind. Our bodies are just as intelligent as our minds, actually, probably more intelligent. Our bodies feel what is right for us, they feel happiness , sadness ,and they feel abundance or the lack of abundance. There is a natural balance between the body and mind, but this balance is out of kilter for most of us. Our minds are running the show. We have suppressed our feelings which derive from every single cell in our body.

Our bodies are holograms. Every cell has the memory of everything that has ever happened to you and it can intelligently create anything you ask. We have however unlearned the ability to tune into our bodies and feelings. The imbalance creates disharmony and great unhappiness with us and it shows in our job performance. We need to re-learn to connect fully with our bodies and minds. This connection holds the key to inner abundance. It is the secret to creating financial abundance and happiness.

When you are out of alignment your mind becomes more outwardly oriented. You are virtually out of touch with your body. You cannot feel what is telling you. The mind runs the show alone: It creates immense stress when the mind is in control; You get inner talk along those lines: "Must meet the deadline, I cannot stop. I cannot rest, take a break because I must finish this project."

Sounds familiar? I bet. Trouble is that this inner talk detaches you even further from yourself and it makes any task more difficult to accomplish. A vicious circle is created: You become more stressed, pressured and unhappy as you are struggling against time and yourself like a hamster on a wheel. Hardly the state that creates abundance, prosperity or happiness with ease.

You can reverse the process though. You do this by turning inward. Stop, listen, and ask your body what it has to say to you. Be still and receive the answers. Your body and mind want to be happy first and foremost. This is their deepest innermost desire and their true nature of being. We have allowed the illusory outside conditions to dictate our inner state. When you detach from outside conditions and allow the true inner peace and happiness to emerge success is guaranteed.

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