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How To Deal With Anger And Prosper
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Anger is a very damaging emotion. It is a well researched fact that the majority of cancer patients have unresolved anger issues. Anger issues also stop money flowing to you. EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique and its cousin Micro EFT are one of the most effective ways to with anger.

If you have unresolved anger problems the odds are that you are also encountering a lot of fear and anxiety. Anger is always covering up fear. It is the next higher vibrating emotion though. Fear is a more passive and stagnant emotion. We all know the expression: "Paralysed with fear".

When you are experiencing anger you have moved one step forward towards action and that is the good thing about anger. Unless you learn techniques that help you let go of anger though, you are being trapped by the emotional intensity of your anger. It makes you see red and blinds you to seeing possibilities and be open to opportunities.

Anger stops you from embracing different perspectives and that stops your abundance. It also locks in perpetual fear generating further stress and anxiety.

Prosperity creation is first and foremost a creative process. You can only tune into your creativity and manifest prosperity if you are calm inside and feel happy with life.

Micro EFT is my preferred tool to let go of anger quickly.

When you feel very angry your mind does not differentiate very well. Anger is an all encompassing emotion and just setting the intention to deal with it can be a challenge. Therefore you need a tool that is quick and requires very little thought. Micro EFT fits that bill beautifully:

Let's assume you are angry because you lost money on a deal. You can use Micro EFT to neutralise the anger simply by stating the emotion, setting the intend to change it and voicing the opposite of the emotion. This creates an opposite charge to the vibrational energy of anger and neutralises it with almost immediate effect.

You may have to repeat the Micro EFT process several times to get grounded again. When you use Micro EFT, just like regular EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, you are tapping a meridian points.

Anger, frustration, fear, stress depression are limiting emotions which block the flow of energy in the body. The tapping technique opens up meridians, further aided by your mental focus on your anger issue. Energy starts flowing again as the meridians are being opened up with tapping. The technique is similar to Chi self massage which energises the body with tapping on meridian points.

If you have problems in attracting prosperity, I guarantee you that anger is blocking you on some level. Knowing how to deal with anger is most important for prosperity manifestation.

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