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How To Get Rich Before You Are Forty
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Dear Friend,

The common trend we see all around us is a big workforce driving the wheel of commerce in all sectors of life. We are familiar with our parents,uncles big brothers , neighbours and everyone you can imagine giving the account of the 8 to 5 secular living. Chances are if your folks kept at a job while you were growing up, you most probably always hear their complaints about how the wages were never sufficient and how the home budget must be tightened up so that you can go to school. There will always be a reason why other kids can have new baseballs kit but you can't have it. Some kids in school got their daddies to bring them in shining limos while you have to take the bus ride. Then you got fed up within you and stand up to ask Mum, why can't dad get more money? You could get an answer that says Son, your father is trying his best but his job just does not pay enough. Not satisfied ,you will likely ask the next question, Mum, can he not get another job that pays better?

The truth is whoever will decide to work for wages can never get rich. The secret of getting rich and living an abundant life lies in your early understanding of what money is all about and learning the principles of wealth creation.

Hello, the man that will get rich will resolve with unflinching faith in himself that he is capable of getting rich. Any one can get rich but a lot of us are so bogged down with the fears of our fathers that we infect our subconscious mind with doubts and fear of being doomed in the rat race world. What do we get? We get infected with ignorance about money and riches. We carry this ignorance year in year out until our productive years are wasted. We then start blaming God or any other deity for our misfortune. Realising then that it is too late ( So we always think) we further allow our mind to be entrapped with poverty consciousness that will always focus on lack. Focus on lack you must lack. Join the rat race in the world in order to make a living. You definitely will end up a rat.

What does this mean to you? Only one answer. Getting rich is a consciousness as much as getting poor is. An early consciousness of the fact that you can get rich before you are forty is what determines the age you can achieve this in life. If only you can start early and confidently apply the principles of early consciousness and achievement, as sure as the darkness of the night must give way to usher in the morning light,so it is certain that you will get rich before age forty.

Counting on you to start early

To your extraordinary wealth in early life.

Tolu Babalola

Street Talk

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