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How To Implement The Law Of Attraction , The Secret Featuring Bob Proctor, Into Your Life
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I am pretty sure by now you know what the law of attraction is. But for those of you not yet sure: In short , the law of attraction as seen in the movie , The Secret featuring Bob Proctor, the law is a universal law re-acting to your very personal own thoughts. It is almost like having your own genie in a bottle , except you have you and your brain with thoughts that became things. So the saying to be careful what you wish for , should not be taken for granted or lightly even for that matter.Please read my other articles as they each reveal a little secret at a time and feel free to share them.

Now does that mean that if I wish something it will appear. No , this is not magic. This is a universal law like gravity. You need to control your thoughts as depending on how much energy you put into it and how deep your desire is , the quicker you can manifest for instance one of your desires. We are all good and I suggest that when we use the law of attraction and want to attract more of the good in our lives , to focus on the positive and the good , obviously.

As we have seen in the Secret , should your desire be to drive a specific new car then to energize and speed up the process , you can make a vision board. Get a picture or photo of this exact car model and put it up. Ask , Believe and receive. Visualize this car. See yourself sitting in the car. Smell the new interior. Now , that smells nice. Crisp new clean leather. Perhaps take the car for a test drive. Feel you driving it and go over this on a daily basis until you get your new car. Now – does it stop here? Is this all I have to do? No, this is not just wishful thinking. You have to go through an entire process and apply the secrets to the law of attraction with precision. There is a lot of books ,and resources out there.

Personally I have been self-though a huge lot and found certain teacher’s works to be best. I tend to later just stick to those valuable teachings of the secret by Bob Proctor himself , which explains the principles of the law of attraction and the formula for attracting riches.Same with learning how to make money online. There is so many scams and people claiming they will show you and their product is the best since sliced bread. Thing is , I am not sure if you have money to waste to find out what works and not. I did not have that luxury and fortunately I was informed of the only trusted way to generate legit money online .

There is just no use in trying to apply this very vital universal law, if you are going to do this haphazardly. Go on , spend some time researching and get all the answers to the exact tactics required to implement this in your life. You too can learn to grow rich . You too can be financially free. You can start your own online business and make money in your sleep. You can even make money for free while you sleep. This is just really awesome stuff. I am so passionate about the law of attraction as I understand this law and I have applied it and I have received results.

Please feel free to leave any comments below on how the law of attraction made a positive impact on you , once you have applied it. Feel free to share this article with as many friends and family as possible. Give and receive. The circle is then complete. There must always be balance. Be blessed and always remember that if you can see it in your mind , as Bob said , you can hold it in your hand.

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