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Identifying Your Mental Blocks
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Identifying Your Mental Blocks

In the Article entitled "How Mental Blocks Limit Our Success" I discussed what mental blocks are and how they are formed. Now the question becomes, "how do I identify these blocks and more importantly how do I remove them?". Start by honestly looking at your life. What areas could use some improvement? Look at your health, finances, relationships career and spiritual development. Once you have identified the area which is the most unsatisfactory, this is where you will direct your energy,

Begin by taking out a clean sheet of paper, at the top of the page write "How I feel about ______". Now focus on the statement and allow your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the subject flow through you. Write everything that comes to mind in regard to the subject, do not censor or judge, just write for as long as you need to. You may find yourself writing statement which are worded differently but are similar in meaning which is totally acceptable, just write until all your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the subject have been recorded. For optimal results write this list out longhand instead of in a word document, research has the process to be much more beneficial in this manor.

Now go back and read each thought individually, pausing after each and ask yourself: "Do I know this to be true?" and "Could I allow myself to let go of believing it is true?" As you go thru your list and ask these two questions you will begin to feel more positive about the prospect of improving the area of your life that is being focused on.

Once you have gone through the entire list and asked the questions, the next step is to create a new belief in place of the mental block. For example--"I always struggle with money" becomes "I am financially responsible and my abundance is increasing daily". It may seem odd to do this in the beginning but with repetition these now uncomfortable thoughts will become beliefs and you will notice yourself making different decisions and acting in accordance with your new thoughts, thus creating the life you have always desired.

Finally, when you feel those old detrimental beliefs come up just ask the questions. It doesn't matter where they came from what is important is to identify and begin to eliminate them. Removing these mental blocks is a very important step in creating a successful outcome in any personal development program.

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