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Is It Possible To Be Happy Without Having Money?
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There are three categories of people today:

1. Those who awakened, uncovered their inner power and can achieve anything in their lives

2. Those who don’t believe their power even exists and are struggling waiting for someone to do something for them

3. People who start to discover their inner potential, but are not cleared up and still face blockings and limiting believes.

The third category is already embarked on the road to the land of all possibilities. The time they need to spend until they reach the destination depends on how fast they can get rid of their limiting believes. If you talk to them, you’ll find out that the most ‘stubborn’ blockings are coming from relationships and money problems.

Let’s talk a little bit about money.

‘Money doesn’t bring happiness,’ we have heard many times in our lives even since we have been children. It was, of course, logical to conclude that if we rest poor we have big chances to be happy. ‘Money is dirty, immoral, root of all evils, rich people are bad…’ almost every one of us is familiar with these affirmations. These ideas, repeated many, many times by our parents, relatives, friends and teachers were also illustrated by a lot of emotional stories in famous writings and movies telling us about rich bad people oppressing poor good people and about happy moral poor people enjoying love and bad rich people living alone and without love…

All these affirmations ‘enriched’ by emotion produced the expected outcome: created in our minds some patterns of thought and fixed the limiting believes we are talking about.

We feel guilty when the desire of money is crossing our minds (‘I shouldn’t have such a wish, it is not moral, God will punish me!’ says our inner voice). We think that if we wish money we might lose love or someone closed (‘Rich people don’t have love, they are alone’ tells us the same voice). Finally, we hope God will be so good to us sending without asking him the money which we need so badly (He will see us suffering of not having money, will appreciate our sound morality and will reward us).

This pattern of thought has a very sound logical background and it is not easy to change it. The biggest mistake we can be tempted to do is to fight with the limiting believes, to try to eliminate them or to forget about them. If we do it, the pattern will get much stronger and will continue to block us.

The best thing to do is to develop and assimilate a new ‘logic’, a different pattern which will replace the toxic one.

Nowadays our entire civilization is relaying on money. Without money you cannot cover the primary and secondary needs: shelter, safety, food, basic medical assistance, elementary school needs. Without money you cannot have access to culture (the museums are asking for an entrance fee), to books (you need to buy them), to education (you need to pay for a good school), to see other places in the world (you need to pay for trip and accommodation expenses when travelling).

Without all these things we cannot evolve as human beings. No money, no self development. No money, no access to anything in the world. No money, no wellness. No money, no health.

So, how could we still believe that we can be happy without money? The society which taught us that by resting poor we will be happy gives us for free any of the things we need to evolve? No way! For everything is a price to pay with money.

Then, why to feel guilty desiring money? Is there still any reason to think God will punish us for wishing to have money? As long as we earn these money fairly, without harming anyone and as long as we will offer from our abundance a part to help other people to find their road toward happiness we will be much more moral then anyone choosing to rest poor.

Resting poor is refusing to grow and to appreciate all good things in our lives – miracles of nature and of human civilization. God might punish us for that. He could punish us indeed if we don’t use all the talents and aptitudes He granted us when we were born.

And the punishment will be no other then a very, very poor life.

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