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Is Judgement Stopping You From Being Successful?
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In my life as a trader I am regularly confronted with the decision of whether or not to enter or exit a trade. Like many traders the dualistic nature of trading, which reflects of course the dualistic nature of how we make up our reality, calls on us to make constant judgment calls.

In fact, the characteristic of a consistently successful trader, and indeed of success and prosperity in life in general depends on your ability to make good judgement calls consistently.

However, what if your need to judge all the time is actually stopping you from being consistent in your trading and stopping you from prospering?

Has it ever occurred to you that in judging the people and situations in your life you are also judging yourself.Whenever you are judging something in your life, you are judging that which you are judging in another in your own life too.

We have been taught from a very young age to go through life by distinguishing between the rights and wrongs of things. We have learned that by distinguishing between right and wrong, good and bad we are either good, bad or wrong or right about ourselves, our partner, our actions, the economy, politics and so on.

However, such judgements are severely limiting, as they lock that which we judge in place and make it difficult to change one's point of view. In order to grow and improve in our jobs, have better relationships, get better health etc we have to embrace change. If you come from a point of no judgement, you are omitting the middle man so to speak. Change becomes more readily available and quickens results and opens up the prosperity meridians.

Let me remind you that the activity oftrading and investing is nothing else but the observation of human nature pictured on a chart. If you are a good judge of character and understand human nature your chances of being a good trader and investor are much enhanced. This is also true for most other careers.

However, if you are viewing other people through the lens of your conditioning, and most of us do, you are clouding your objectivity and your judgement calls are skewed by fear, anxiety anger and all the other emotions winch are particularly paramount in the present climate.

Learn to stay out of judgement by clearing those emotions your subconscious keeps inadvertently bringing up in a well meant but ill guided attempt to keep you safe is probably one of the fastest ways to obtain prosperity and access abundance.

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