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Is Your Memory Destroying Your Financial Freedom?
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We all have them: Memories, good ones, bad ones, and those ones we are not even conscious about. The mind, this amazing tool with immense capacity has a way of protecting us from all those things we deem unpalatable in life, like fear of personal loss, financial loss, pain, confusion, to name but a few. Your financial freedom and prosperity depend your memory recalling only the appropriate recollections that induce you with confidence, creativity and the courage to take action at the right time in the right place.

So far so good, or not so good, as we all know the mind is quite capable of throwing a spanner or two in the works. Ah, yes, there is pa in, often a lot of , far too much for our comfort. And who wants to have pain in their lives? Of course nobody does. Unfortunately, our avoidance of it causes us way more grief than any of us give credence to.

Our bodies and minds are basically there to please us. In fact, even though we often tend to view them as our arch enemy, our bodies and minds will go the extra mile to provide us with what we desire. But you do not appreciate it, or realise it, do you? Take amnesia for example. Traumatic events can be buried in the subconscious mind for years, decades even, unbeknown to the trauma victim. This works so long as there are no triggers that cause the memory bank to go out of tune, causing sudden onsets of hitherto unknown emotions and behaviours or even illness.

What causesyour memory bank to get off tune?

There are two reasons why you might find yourself facing unexpected challenges in your life, as many do at present, particularly in the financial area: The first reason is a trigger, that triggers old cell memory into action and causes deeply buried emotions to surface and the other is to do with our evolutionary development. Actually the two go together hand in glove .

While traumatic cell memory is suppressed subconsciously a build up of pressure happens. It is simply a matter of reaching a boiling point when the issue cannot be kept under wraps any longer, and the old trauma will attempt to surface. This is a process in most cases and seldom happens over night. The evolutionary process assures that we are never faced with things we cannot handle. Our difficulty in handling these changes is due to lack of understanding of what is actually happening in our bodies and minds.

As I said before, usual signs of old traumas ready to be dealt with are the onset of emotional strain, and erratic behaviour. We tend to attribute these behaviours and emotions out outside circumstances believing that it is the stress at work, fear of losing one's job, getting older or our spouse not being supportive enough.

I can guarantee you these are displaced emotions stemming from judgemental heuristics. In fact, I will go as far as to say, if you are experiencing anxiety, emotional upheaval, let alone illness, particularly chronic illness, you are holding suppressed traumas in your cell memory and your symptoms are a call to action,to allow thesetraumas to surface and thus clear them. Your financial freedom and prosperity in general may depend on this.

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