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Its An Abundant Universe, When Are You Going To Participate?
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Its An Abundant Universe, When Are You Going To Participate?

It never ceases to amaze me how many people believe that the talk of the universe being an abundant place is new age nonsense. The learned truth of working hard to achieve success is paramount in the belief system of the vast majority of people.

Wealth consciousness is a trait all millionaires possess to some degree or another, yet the average person in the street still buys into the media hype of the recession, the lack of jobs, business failures and the like.

Do you belong to that large group of people?

If so you will want to read on: Let us begin with talking about the true nature of the universe. Instead of being a place where resources are running out and scarcity is the order of the day, the intrinsic nature of the universe is infinite abundance.

The universe knows no limitations, only we do. Our original blueprint is that of infinite possibilities. Over thousands of years and civilisation taking hold a number of dogmas have been invented by humankind which have basically formed a false picture of the universe in which we live and how it works.

As a result we are living in a perpetual state of fear of losing either, money, our health, our friends. A quick look at the world certainly seems to be attesting to this reality rather than to the version of infinite universal abundance and infinite possibilities.

The reason for the dismal state of affairs is to a large part the result of inaccurate thinking caused by incorrect perceptions of our reality. Too many peole simply do not understand this:

Your reality is made by your concepts of your world

The universe is non judgemental, it is a yes-universe and always reciprocal. By this I mean that the universe gives us always what we want. However, since we suffer from permanent self doubt and indecisiveness and tend to change our minds on a regular basis, the universe has a difficult job figuring out what it is we really desire.

And then there is this habit we have developed of always ensuring against the next disaster that might befall us. If only we could learn to be happy irrespective of what is going on.

The universe does not distinguish between past, present and future, those are constructs of the human mind. The universe only understands the present and when we worry about the future it creates those worrying circumstances for us.

Therefore in order to align yourself with abundance you need to de-condition your old thinking and beliefs and start embracing universal abundance in your thinking and actions. The more people get this point, and I mean, really get this, the sooner the reality of our world will change for the better.

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