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Money Matters
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Money Matters

I hope most of you are saying duh of course it matters. Unfortunately I am beginning to see a trend where people are saying it does not. There are articles penned by former executive's who are all saying I downsized that they felt the stress was not worth the money. I am betting they are right. If your killing yourself for every dollar you make or missing your kids grow up then there's a problem.

So they down size but does that mean that money or finances do not mean anything to them. On the contrary money means a lot even to the down sized executive and yes I am guessing but you will be hard pressed to make me believe other wise.

I want any one including the down sized executives to go to the mortgage company and tell them I can not make my house payments but its ok because money does not matter. Then lets see how long before you no longer live in that house. Now I bring this up because one of my best friends hit me with that statement. We were talking about motivation and goal setting. Within this conversation I brought up the need for multiple streams of income and she immediately disagreed with me.

But she held firm to the fact that this executive who had left her job and went into entrepreneurship said it did not matter. So although I had not read the article we focused on her. Can she pay her bills I asked. Well I assume she can was the reply. Can she buy food and put gas in her car and take care of her house and family. is she putting food on the table? Again the reply was I assume she is.

Well if she is doing all that then having money in ones life matters. We the consumer must be careful what we buy into. Somebody is going to have the money the question is why not you. Brian Tracey said in one of his seminars that one percent of all people have ninety-six percent of all the wealth.

Now what that means to me is that there is more than enough to go around. So why don't we have it. We are to busy buying into the thought that it does not matter. Money is about making your life easier so yes in fact it does matter. Lets go back to our example of the executive.

Lets suppose she was missing time with her family. That the pain in her stomach was not bad sushi and honestly she could not remember the last time she made love to her family. So she said to herself I am missing out on to much. I hate my job anyway and making money this way is not worth it. So she downsized started her own company and said family things may be tough for a while but we will get through and this time when the money is flowing we will appreciate it more. And honestly we love the process more.

So remember the process of making the money is just as important as the money itself. If you are selling your soul for a dollar then well my friend was right money does not matter. But if your making your money and enjoying the process, helping people along the way then yeah it matters a lot. You are smart, creative and extremely individual you can do anything just do it one step at a time.

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