Program Yourself For Prosperity
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Program Yourself for Prosperity

By Ronald Ayers

Knowing that you can program yourself to fail, just as you can program yourself for prosperity, and that both offer a payoff, you must realize the rewards of prosperity are immeasurably more satisfying. There can be the rich objective rewards of achieving financial independence. Also, there is no way to measure the immense joy one experiences in knowing he or she has reached a significant goal. Victory is always sweet to the believers and achievers.

The world may not criticize a failure, although it often does, but the failure never stops criticizing himself, especially when be becomes aware that the same amount of effort, properly channeled, could have brought success.

The world will often criticize a prosperous person. That is to say, while many will congratulate and praise your prosperity, several others will put you down. Not everyone likes a prosperous person. Failures, in particular, tend to resent the prosperous. That is just another reason why they are not prosperous. The approval of others is a poor motivator in itself.

The joy you feel from within, knowing you have given your best, is sheer ecstasy and is the priceless gift to all who demand the best that they can give. Prosperity is not just the feeling you get when you reach you goal. It is also the great feelings you experience as you strive for your goals.

Closely related to our fear of criticism is the human obsession to receive constant approval. While it is quite natural to enjoy the praise and admiration of others as a result of our achievements and positive personality traits, an over-developed reliance on the approval of others is not a productive asset.

Other people are not the4 source of your good, and we need people in our lives. In fact, people can be the channel through which prosperity, love and happiness flow, but they are not the source of the good your desire.

God is your source.

Regardless of how you relate to God: in the conventional Judaism-Christian belief; in the metaphysical sense; a combination of these two, or simply life itself, or the life within you. This is our source.

When we believe other people are the source of our love, abundance, security, happiness, etc., we make them into our gods. By turning our mates, parents, children, friends, employers, even the government, in hopes of filling our cup with health, wealth, happiness and security, we are in danger of losing our precious gift of self-reliance.

By believing that our good must come from others, we fall into the trap of becoming dependent on their approval. Once the need to be approved (acknowledged, loved and/or liked by others gets out of hand, it can have the same emotional effect on people as cocaine has on the physical level. It can rob us of our self-esteem and reduce us to a stat of hapless dependency, emotional Jello.

Please don't misunderstand what I am saying here. We need to give and receive love. There is nothing wrong with getting deserved recognition from others.

Self-reliance in no way denotes separation from other human beings.

We simply must not become a slave to our egos. If we do, our mental/emotional nature goes on”tilt”, and we surrender our power to others.

When we worship at the altar of approval, we make other people our gods—an overwhelming responsibility they are not suited to fulfill. While they may fulfill our demanding emotional needs for a time, eventually they will likely disappoint us. This brings with it more emotional pain, uncertainty, even feelings of betrayal and rejection.

Go to your source for your good. Let other people be positive channels of your good, and equals with whom you share the4 fun, love and prosperity which is life.

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