Secrets To An Abundant Life
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Secrets To An Abundant Life


We live in an age where “our neighbor” is no longer just the person living next door. The internet has reconnected humanity in a way where we will all “speak the same language.” No matter what your “native” language is there will be a software program to translate it into whatever language is needed.

It is as if we are revisiting the beginning of humanity. As the “old story” goes, multiple languages were given by “the Creator” to confound a humanity that had become a competitor with “the Creator” Himself. By simply dividing humanity by language, “the Creator” was able to disrupt humanity’s corrupt intentions.

It is almost as if we have been given a second chance at living the lives that “the Creator” had always intended for humanity. We will once again have a common language, know each other’s cultures, and be able to see beyond the superficial aspects of each other’s lives. We are essentially a one world community.

You may already know that language shapes the very way people think and act. It is not a far stretch that different languages would actually affect the way the nerve cells of your brain connect with each other. That’s right, if you speak Mandarin Chinese as your primary language your brain is structured differently than if you spoke English as your primary language.

I wonder what a brain that has “the internet” as its primary language will look like? Certainly we are about to see the greatest unification of common communication since the Tower Of Babel. What could this mean for humanity?

I see it as one more chance, perhaps one last chance, at helping others live the abundant lives that was the original intent of “the Creator” anyway. What might that look like? Let me suggest, after practicing medicine for nearly 27 years, that there are at least 7 secrets to an abundant life.



Physicists tell us that if the earth’s axis moved so much as a few feet closer to the sun our planet would overheat (and vice versa). Furthermore, our sun is just the right size to support life on earth (actually called a dwarf star). Finally, a well-known geophysicist recently published the 12 geo-critical criteria that must be in balance on earth for life to exist. There is a balance.

Humanity is no different. Each human being is in a balance with the rest of humanity. This means that the artificial value that we place on each other (looks, money, etc.) does not disqualify the preternatural value that exists simply by being.

If you feel you do not matter it is because you have not grasped the significance you have in the universe. For those of us whom have been guilty of thinking themselves “more worthy” (I for one have been guilty of this) we too have underestimated the galactic value of others.

We are not of value because of our lineage, or heritage, or efforts, or just “dumb luck.” We matter because we are essential for “the Creator’s” balance.


If you have followed what I am saying then the next step is to realize that everyone else matters too. I am saying that not only Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and Hillary Clinton matter (I tried to pick people that would offend someone) but so does everyone else.

From the most attractive to the most abhorrent…they matter. From the most righteous to the most evil…they matter. From the poorest to the richest…they matter. Everyone matters as our origins and our end is the same.

Test yourself with this…consider the most evil person you can think of and consider your value of them. Be honest…do you accord them the same value as someone you are more connected with?

A friend of mine recently visited my church. After the worship service my friend was astonished to see one of his “evil” co-workers in church (sitting a few rows away from him). When he told me I asked him, “I wonder what he is saying about you Jozef?” We both laughed and realized the absurdity of it all.


If you are following along with my diatribe then the next step in our understanding could be what matters most in us? After all, not all gravity has the same force, nor chemical bonds have the same connection…there must be a something that matters more than other things in us?

I want to suggest that the greatest thing…the thing that matters the most in us…is the measure of value we place in the “most valueless” of people. A pound of righteousness is counter balanced with an ounce of self-righteousness.

Do you value others more than yourself? You have heard it said that you need to love yourself if you are to love others. I submit to you that if you love others more than yourself (not humanly possible in a consistent way) you will have enough love for yourself to pull through.

Love for others is like “compounded interest.” If you invest a little you receive a little return on your investment. Einstein is supposed to have said that compounded interest is the most powerful force in the universe. I would add, perhaps it is second, next to compounded love.


What if you have had a hard life? What could go wrong went wrong. The events in your life have become an obsession. You are constantly looking backwards. Would you drive a car trying to move forward looking in the rear view mirror?

Gratefulness gets us looking in the present so we can cast off the obsessions of the past. Even the most disadvantaged person has something to be grateful for…find it and you will be unshackled from your past.

The heart of the matter with gratefulness is usually a matter of the heart. If you are ungrateful for little what makes you think you would be grateful with much?

Practice makes perfect…begin developing a grateful spirit for things that you have taken for granted (like eyesight, or water, etc.). It won’t be long before you are in a continual state of gratefulness.


We develop a capacity for gratefulness when we observe others, who we see as having less than ourselves, grateful for what they have. Similar to humility, we need to see gratefulness demonstrated before we can reckon it unto ourselves. Grateful people duplicate themselves.

Show others how grateful you are…it will cause them to self-reflect and develop their own gratefulness. If you are still conscious you have something to be grateful for…


Notwithstanding everything that I have said, mistakes in human communication will occur. The dark side of human nature will breakthrough occasionally. Humans are not capable of perfection. There is virtually no one on planet earth who has not been offended.

Your world becomes a very lonely place if only those whom have not offended you are allowed in it.

Ask yourself this question, “What qualifies me to hold a grudge against someone else?” If your answer is anything other than that you have never offended another, you are unqualified to hold a grudge. Intention doesn’t matter…only if you have ever offended someone.

There has only been one person who was qualified to hold a grudge…and He didn’t. Do you know who that was? Even if you don’t…I am sure it wasn’t you.

When we forgive another we don’t have to wait for them to say they are sorry. You could end up waiting a lifetime under those circumstances. Forgiving another releases you from the obsession of the pain they caused you. The relationship with them may not be restored (that requires them asking you for forgiveness) but you will not become bitter.

Bitterness poisons present and future relationships. The person you are bitter towards has power over you as your relationships become toxic from your own bitterness.

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself when you forgive another. It leads to abundant living.


The final secret I want to share with you is the notion of servant leadership. Click here for a recent article I authored on this subject. Servant leadership sounds like an oxymoron. It is the most powerful and duplicating form of leadership known to man.

Servant leadership empowers others while relieving some of your own burden. Gandhi was a servant leader…as was Winston Churchill. They lead from the front and did not require others to subjugate themselves to them. They changed the world for the better. Decades later we are still quoting them, following their teachings, and being mentored by them.

Servant leadership leads to the abundant life in both the followers and leaders.


If you want to learn more on how to have an abundant life you will want to follow these time honored principles that I have reviewed with you.

I am so looking forward to you living an abundant life. Don’t hesitate…begin now.

Wishing you much joy,


Street Talk

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