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So You Want To Be Rich Pt2
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So You Want to Be Rich Pt2

We started out this series asking the question have you learned to be content. Not in the way many people think of it a simple ok this is all there is I may as well accept it. In a way that gets you ready to take the next step. Now that we have learned to be content the next step in the so you want to be rich series is to find out if you have planted good seed.

Planting good seed is an interesting concept and one I talked about recently under the concept of sowing and reaping. Heres the basic concept and then we will expand on it. You first have to plant something in order to get a harvest from it. The pertains to anything in your life not just abundant prosperity.

Many times we say we want to get rich but our actions do not verify the words we speak. I can say I want to get rich as I sit and watch T.V. or as I play with the children or even go out with my friends or my family. Yet I have not taken the time to look into a business idea or even the time to brain storm something I might want to do that would add value to another's life.

Please catch the idea of value because it is important. To make money you need to be able to offer a service or product that another finds valuable enough to pay for. Even after you have come up with a service you can provide that will be unique to you that is just beginning to walk to the starting line. You have by no means even reached the word start in the game board.

Maybe you want to be a motivational speaker or make a product that is better than Nike's whatever it is there is room for you but you must plant good seed.

You have your product now you need your vehicle. Your vehicle is how you plan to spread the news and plant the seeds. It does not need to be large and expensive in the beginning. It simple needs to start. You may choose word of mouth, you may choose to start a small blog or website. What ever you choose the point is now that you have started you have more of a chance to succeed.

Most people's dreams never come to the light of day because they never start. Dr. Wayne Dyer says do not let your music die in you. Put simply get your dream out what ever it may be. There's a real chance that somebody out here needs what only you may be able to offer.

It may have caught your attention that I keep saying what only you can offer. I am a big fan of the thought that what you have in you only you have. Your brother or sister or neighbor may have something like it but it's not what you have and they can't do what you can do.

Plant your seed use every opportunity to talk about it to put that idea in the head of someone who can help. Call it from the land of where you envisioned it into the land of where you are now living. This is one of the steps in gaining abundance for yourself and your loved ones.

As always as you do this you will find that you will begin to grow and when taking the correct steps you will see a better you come out of the process. Please stay tuned for the next step in the So You Want to be Rich series.

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