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So You Want To Be Rich Pt3
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So You Want to Be Rich Pt3

I am going to conclude this series by talking about watering what you have already planted as well as daring you to dream. I will also cover what wealth means to you. Many people think they want to be rich when in fact they just want to be comfortable. How to prepare for wealth will also be covered if you were to suddenly get rich most likely you would at some point wind up without money again. In order to keep money you have to know what to do with it.

Watering your dream

The concept seems self explanatory especially when we think if plants or crops in the field. Yet how do we water a dream? It is basically the same concept a dream, idea or desire takes root in the fertile soil of your mind. Just like a plant if it is not watered it will eventually die. At work you have a sudden idea it may be a way to make more money or how to bring your family closer together.

It does not matter what it is all that matters is it is something you want to accomplish. Now the idea has been planted in the soil. The day gets busy you forget the thought you had. You meant to write it down but never got to it or maybe you wrote it down on a piece of scrap paper never to be seen again. Maybe a day later or a week later it crops back up but you are busy and it does not seem as inspired as when you first thought of it so you shove it away. Before you know it the idea has died in the soil of your mind.

A year or two later you at the same job making the same salary or your family has drifted further apart and your asking yourself how you let things get so far away from you. You must think on your dreams, ideas and thought repeat them out loud, write them down. Change does not happen because you said oh that would be nice, it happens because you become so inspired so motivated that you make a move. Do not let your future die in dry soil.

Dare to dream

You work so hard that the time you have for dreaming is little or none. When you dream you think of things like taking it easy or an extra day off work. Dream bigger imagine all the things you did as a car. The car that goes faster than fast see yourself getting in the driver seat. Imagine the house with three thousand square feet and the back yard you always wanted. Take the time to imagine what you want in detail. Why? Its simple really the only way to get what you want is to know what you want.

You now get to decide if you want to be wealthy or well off. The reason you have to make a decision is because they call for two different levels of commitment. Should you choose to be well off and there is nothing wrong with that you will find that the commitment you make will not be as intense. Should you decide to be wealthy you will find that you will have to be committed to a path that will certainly test you at times. What ever path you choose though you will have to learn the rules of money.

Are you prepared for money

Preparing to have and keep money is simple when you know the rules of money. Rule one live on less money than you bring home. That rule right there will revolutionize your life. Rule two pay yourself first. Take ten percent of what you bring home and put it in savings. Do not touch your savings use it as a disaster fund and nothing more.

When you can live for six months off your disaster fund it is time to take what you are still saving and invest it for a return. Remember not to invest in something that will devour your principle. These rules are just a few of the rules of money. You can not use everything you bring in the door if you desire to acquire wealth

In the last part of the so you want to get rich series you have covered the importance of watering your dreams. They will never flourish if you ignore them. Then you covered the dare to dream idea. This encouraged you to picture exactly what you want so you know what your goal is and can celebrate when you reach it. You then made a decision on the amount of wealth you wanted in your life.

You could choose to have enough so the bills were always paid and you have a vacation once a year or you could choose to have enough to live a different lifestyle. You learned that it was a decision that you had to make for yourself. At the end you explored a few of the rules of money and h9w wealth was accumulated.

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Street Talk

I was taught many years ago the first rule of money is 'spending less than what you earn'. But today what I am hearing is 'earning more than you spend' ........both have same words but different meaning.

  about 9 years ago

You have to water the plants for them to grow. Motivation requires daily attention. We have our up days and our down days, and looking forward towards your goals will keep you going forward. Really liked this post.

  about 9 years ago

Nice way to organize it. I`m trying to be well off myself.

  about 9 years ago
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