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Did you grow up in a family where there was always a shortage of money? How often did your parents say to you ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’?

If you believe that money is hard to come by this is probably because from an early age your innermost beliefs were programmed in this way and it is now your truth.

You watched your parents struggle to find a job, work long hours for minimum wages and constantly complain about how hard life was. As a result this is the way you now view life. Your thoughts are constantly on lack and because you get what you think about, whether this is wanted or not, you manifest the same difficult financial circumstances for yourself that you do not want. It is likely that you are so financially stuck that you feel as though you are drowning in debt!

As soon as you realise that you create your own circumstances you can regain the power to create the life that you want. You can choose to re-programme your beliefs about money so that you see money as something plentiful, which flows into your life with abundance. You can also remind yourself that money is just energy (matter) and does not in itself have the power to make your life better or worse.

We all want money because we think that it will make us happy and free. This is not necessarily the case though. If you have plenty of money and are always worrying about it and thinking how to make more or how to make sure that you don’t lose the money you already have you are not free. You are as great a prisoner as someone who believes that they do not have enough money.

To be financially free you need to understand that money in itself is not important and let go of all attachment to it. As Dr Wayne Dyer teaches it is our attachments to things and people that cause us misery as we constantly worry that we will lose the thing or person that we see as so important. When you think carefully it’s not money that you want and love anyway, it is what you think the money will buy for yourself and others and the kind of life that you think the money will give you.

Although money is abundant and is all around you in plentiful supply, like most things money will not simply come to you, you need to go and get it. You need to look within yourself at your talents and the things that bring you joy and then use these talents and do the things you love to do. The more you do this, particularly if what you do helps others, the more you will be financially blessed as you will approach live with great positivity and in so doing attract positive results.

A key to approaching life with the right attitude is to look at the riches currently in your life such as your sleeping children, the flowers in the garden that you can see because you have your vision, the birds that you can hear because you have your hearing, the meals that you eat ……. and give gratitude. As you approach life from this perspective the vibrations that you emanate will draw back more abundance and you will increasingly have more and more things and situations to give gratitude for.

To sum up, to change your current financial situation you need to change your beliefs about money as these effect your values and your values effect your thoughts and emotions, which in turn effect the things and situations that you attract into your life.One way of doing this might be to work with a life coach to help you idenify any blocks you have in relation to becoming wealthy.You can then work on elininating these through a variety of techniques including nero linguistic programming.

Start visualising yourself with full bank accounts, paying your bills on time, writing large cheques to charities and helping your friends and family financially. Ask a life coach how to create mind pictures of yourself in these scenarios and allow yourself the pleasure of feeling the emotions that would be coursing through you.

As your beliefs about money change so will any negative financial situations.

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