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The Art Of Dreaming Big
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I remember a friend who told me years ago that one must have dreams in life. This idea did not sit very easily with me. I was brought up in a pretty macho world and dreams where the stuff of weirdos and drop outs. In business you have to be realistic if you want to get anywhere.

Since then I have discovered the art of dreaming big and I can assure you that it has certainly changed the quality of my life big time. For one I feel a lot happier and, since I have given myself permission to dream those impossible dreams opportunities have arisen out of seeming nowhere.

Dreaming big and envisioning the life I would want to live did not come easily to me. I started out with the vision boards of big houses, fantastic gardens and a huge trading account getting bigger. For those of you who have not read any of my articles I should point out that I spend a large amount of my time as a derivatives trader.

Well, the much hoped for prosperity did not arrive, the big house did not either and I become pretty irritated with the entire idea.

Of course what was happening was this: My old conditioning would not allow me to dream big properly:

I was not in alignment with the idea of dreaming. I just did not believe that one could dream good fortune, wealth, health, love into existence simply by dreaming about it. My reality was firmly grounded in what I could see in front of my eyes. This is how I learned to operate. I bet many of you who are reading this are stuck in the same trap.

Then, one day I realised that my trading results were not very exciting simply because I could not visualise the profit I should be making from the positions I put on. I would take positions off too early leaving far too much money on the table. I don't need to tell you how frustrating this was for me.

Soon after this realisation it hit me that I had the same problem in other areas of my life too. Trading is a great teacher. One's trading difficulties, are just patterns that exist in other parts of our lives too.

My life started changing with this big "aha" moment. I observed all the areas in my life where I stopped myself from going for the big goals and stopped myself from being truly prosperous. I noted where my absurd ideas about what was possible, and particularly what was not possible stopped me from imagining a life full of all those things I really desired.

I also learned that I did not allow myself to feel the prosperity I desired. Feeling making millions, trading other people's money, and having the time to do the other things clashed too much with my reality. So I started to learn to feel my dreams. It took a while to get into the groove, but persistence is a virtue and soon enough I could feel the connection to my wild dreams of wonderfully impossible things.

This really was a turning point in my life. Truly abundant possibilities started opening to me. I felt happier and as life is constantly changing and offering new possibilities I have learned to just go along with them, staying out of my way, be happy and to just continue dreaming big...

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