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The Power Of Faith Makes You Rich
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The process of creation and its sustainance must have an explanation?Otherwise it may be rational for us to accept that the universe, of which we are all part came into existence by chance. If this were to be true, it must therefore be implied that from the past to present time, the entire earth,the planets and every human activity is just a chance occurence . This will be too much for the theory of chance to hold.

Behind the process of creation ,there is a force or what can be described as an energy. It has a creative consciousness which directs its immense manifesting capacity. This creative consciousness has so much power that it never fails to bring into form whatever it is thinking. This is Faith. The whole universe is conceived and manifested by the power of faith. The sun, moon and the stars with so much energy to radiate are products of faith. The rocks, the mountains and the ocean were conceived and manifested through this power.

The orderliness, perfection and accuracy in creation offers more than enough evidence that the conscious power that brought all into visibility must have faith in its own capacity to be master over what it has made.This is the only logical explanation for man to plant a seed and it sprouts in due time. This must be the reason why the trees grow in the forest and the lion roars. Only faith can explain why a male semen in beast or man will fertilise the female egg to produce an offspring after its own type.

It will be illogical reasoning for man to fail to realise a preconception of the whole universe. If the whole world was not preconceived, man will not be empowered with that gift. This is clearly demonstrated in his daily existence. Man ,the most intelligent of all things created ,apply faith in his daily existence. By conceiving his own growth, he eats the edible fruits of the forest having faith in its possession of nourishment required for his body to grow.This he does as soon as hunger sets in. He has faith in the capacity of water to satisfy his thirst without any harm. He exercises faith in his own capacity to find his own way in every situation. This he does without questioning himself but rather through a belief in his own ability to survive. Faith in action.

All things dwell in faith and harmony . This is demonstrated by the universe. Faith is a consciousness that must be made potent in us all. For anyone, to access prosperity, abundance, wealth and riches, far from our mind must be the impression that there is not enough for all. The treasures available in the universe cannot be exhausted by triple the total world population. These treasures are ever ready to be made available to any one that will request for it, with undoubting faith in the capacity of the universe to supply them.

Unknown to us all, the universe has equal faith in man’s ability to discover this truth . It is of necessity if he were to find his own place in the scheme of things. For the splendor of creation to be fully manifested, the universe need a vehicle of expression and man is that vehicle. As soon as man will break through all resistance in his mind, to possess the unfailing power of faith in himself and the capacity of the universe to supply his need, so rapid and responsive is this unfailing power to provide his request.This is the greatest gift the world has given to all men. For every one that will desire prosperity, wealth and abundance can always get it.Through faith in the ever present ability of the creator of all things to supply it. Always a reliable and never failling ally.

Faith makes the door of prosperity, wealth and abundance accessible to all. Jew or Pakistani,African or Indian the key to riches,abundance and prosperity,lies in understanding the power of faith. Great accomplishments of prosperity and wealth,known to man are brought about by faith. The universe is ever desirous of expressing its own capacity for abundance. Wealth and riches are for the asking. We can have our own share of it the minute we make ourselves ready . The universe is ever willing to give as much as we dare in faith. It never fails

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