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The Power Of The Mind-Use It To Get Everything You Ever Dreamed Of!
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There is only one way to succeed and that is by using the Power Of The Mind. Start using this power to get what you want whether it is health, happiness, relationships, ect. This is the doorway to everything you have ever desired.

Everything in the universe is made of energy. Whatever you think is sent out from your body into the universe. This is what’s called ”thought energy” and it has the ability to create your reality. So in other words What you Think about You bring About. This is The Law Of Attraction.

Now take this knowledge and start thinking about attracting whatever you want.

How do you apply this to your life to create everything you desire?

1. Believe and accept that this is real power and it will work for you.

2. Focus only on positive things. Stay away from everything negative! Eliminate them- Make 2 lists, one with the things you like about your current situation and the other about what you would like to change. Now go and take those dislikes and turn them around, to make yourself truly believe that you can accomplish them. Get rid of all disbeliefs. Physically write them out. Now you have your beliefs, so start focusing on them and let them guide your life. You do have the ability to create anything you desire.

3. Know exactly what it is that you want and be very specific here. Do NOT limit yourself, Think BIG if it’s something you truly want. Go ahead and write down the details of all that you desire. Now go back and look over what you have just written down. Sit in a quiet place and really focus on them. Don’t worry about how you are going to get these things, just be clear about what you want. Next prioritize them by putting # 1, #2 and so forth depending on what want right now. This is now the order that you will create them.

4. Take the list that you just made and turn each into a positive statement, stating a though you have already achieved what you desire. Now draw an image for each, be as creative as you can with these. Be specific, color, size, what do your really want? Create a bulletin board, find some pictures and paste them all on there along with your positive statements. Actually put that board up and make sure you look at it each and everyday morning, noon and night. Put your heart and soul into this project, truly believe and have faith that this has already been done. They are now yours, You have created them.

5. Do Not Doubt that you will receive the things you want most. You must expect to receive them. Have the faith that you deserve everything that you desire. Focus only on those things you desire.

Become conscious about what you are thinking about, this is called positive thinking, and with conscious thoughts anything is possible. You now will create your own reality through the conscious use of your thoughts. Whatever you keep your attention is what you will create in your physical world using the Power Of The Mind. You are already using it, so why not use it to get what you want. This will work, it is the Universal Law.

You now have the tools to control your destiny. Spend as much time as you can focusing on your desires. Repetition is the KEY!

Very Important! Be Thankful and Grateful for everything in advance for those things you desire.

To Your Success!

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