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The Secret Of Having The Attitude Of Gratitude
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We all have the ability to attract many good things in our life by adopting the attitude of gratitude.We can also add money to this list having gratitude which we all could use more of. We could never have enough of the dead presidents in our possession.

We must allow ourselves to have the right mindset to be open and not block what we want to obtain in our lives, including money.

We have all been there where it seemed as though the bills were all we got in the mail. There was more months left then there was money. We were so broke that we could barely pay attention.

By being in the state of gratitude will allow our focus to be on what’s positive in our lives, things that are good, that seem bad, and bring back in perspective what is important in our lives and others.

Having the attitude of gratitude will put us in a place where we connect with our true source, strengthen us, and doors will open up. It will also allow us to want for others to also prosper and have balance in their lives and that alone will have such a positive impact on our feeling, thinking, and allow increase in our lives.

This will allow us to be open to the idea that there is no lack in the world and that there is abundance everywhere and as far as the eye can see. We have to believe that we are ready to receive that increase. We also have to believe that we deserve it just as much as the next person.

The economy, real estate market, U.S. deficient, along with all the bad news from media can ground us in the ground after time. It can have us to believe that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

To get from under that grey cloud, we have to dig deep, let go of the constant frustration, ideas of struggle and allow our mindset and heart to be open to abundance that we have always deserved.

Try these five suggestions to help allowing you to feel more grateful:

1) Become more inspired- watch an uplifting movie, read positive quotes and even getting on your knees and pray.

2) Experience laughter-feel it in the belly watching a funny movie, sharing some good jokes, or get around the office clown.

3) Have some fun-hang out with your kids, with your dog, or both would be better, visit the zoo, amusement park, just make sure it’s an act that you personally enjoy.

4) Let your mind, body, and spirit rest-get enough sleep at night, take a power afternoon nap, just get that needed down time.

5) Get excited about being excited-become more interested in your actions, hobbies, or even life itself. Make the goal of feeling better, feel better and better and gain the experience of gratitude will allow good things to flow in your life.

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