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The Truth About Money
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The Truth About Money

Some where in between all the quotes and the things that we tell ourselves on a daily basis is the truth about money and the role it should play in our lives. We, the people, have become so buried under half-truths that we no longer have a good relationship with money. Now this maybe ok for the people who have plenty of it, but if you find yourself being short on finances then you need to take another look at money.

Money is the root of all evil. Some one please find that for me in the bible or where ever you thought you heard it. My bible says the love of money is the root of all evil. Most of us do not love it we simply want to have it in our bank accounts or our wallets so that we can use it. We love our family our friends but money is simply a possession we have to use for our needs, wants and desires.

I am so broke. The word broke as far as money goes means to be penniless or bankrupt. Very few of us fall into this category. You maybe clutching on to your last dollar bill but in a day or two your going to get paid and start the process over again. You're not broke.

Money will buy me happiness. Money will not buy you happiness or joy. Our families make us happy, our friends or even seeing a flower in the spring. Hearing children laugh or kissing your spouse. Those things will make you happy. Even a hot shower when your tired can refresh and make you happy simply because you feel better.

If money made you happy then the wealthy would be the happiest people on the face of the earth but they are not. In fact some are so miserable that you would not want to live their lives and no amount of money would make you change your mind.

Now here is what money does it pays the bills. If you say that you feel better, that you have no financial worry because you had enough money to meet your bills this month, buy the food you needed and get the things the kids needed, that would make sense. I repeat money pays the bills, buys the nice house and pays for dream vacation. It is simply a possession that we yield to make our life better.

Now you maybe thinking you need more money. Once you lose your incorrect ideas about money then accumulating more to pay your bills will become easier. First remember that you know how to make money. Most of us call it a job and it may not be the best way to make money but it is a way. Now that you remember that you actually know how to get money legally you can start on what the next step is to get the amount you need.

Your amount will be different than some one else's so focus on you not them. Now this is where you ask yourself questions. How do I see myself making more money and yes you have to see it. You have to believe in the fact that you can bring more income in to your home. Some one coined the phrase seeing is believing but the bible said it better now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Simply put you have to believe in yourself before you see the money.

Maybe you decide to climb within the organization you work for., or you may choose to get a different job else where or to go back to school. You may decide that you desire to be independently wealthy and start a business. You can do whatever you want but only after you know what limiting thoughts you have that are holding you back. This is truth about money. Remember there is plenty of it out there.

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Thanks for sharing your ideas on money.

  about 6 years ago

I believe the most secure way to make money is to run your own business. And as luck would have it, even average earners can get started using the internet. All it takes is some hard work and maybe a little bit of luck.

  about 9 years ago
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