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Three Rules Of Wealth That Guarantee Prosperity
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There is plenty of advice out there that promises you the holy grail of richness literally overnight and they all tell you it is easy.

While I disagree with the statement that it will happen overnight, even though, it is theoretically entirely possible, there are definitely three rules to wealth that, if you observe them will get you all the prosperity you desire and great happiness to boot.

You may well be skeptical about my bold claims, which is okay. I have been a doubting Thomas for over a decade. I studied every book on wealth manifestation I could get my hands on. My pursuit led my to study Buddhism and HUNA and other wisdom traditions. I could see the logic in the teachings and I sort of knew that what I was reading, hearing and learning from the many teachers, gurus and masters was right.

Yet I lacked that inner knowing. Knowledge is one thing, and it is a valuable, necessary step along the way to inner knowing. This inner knowing which lets you know when you hit on an intrinsic truth is the key that unlocks the door to many secrets of the universe, which we humans deem unfathomable or even beyond our reach.

Persistence will gradually open doors and get you closer to the truth. And here is rule number one:

Find your true authentic self.

Granted, this may be easier said than done. It requires that you let go of everything you have learned in the past. It asks of you to let go of your conditioning and totally decondition yourself. This kind of vulnerability goes against the palette of most westerners and yet it is one of the keys to putting your wealth creation on steroids.

Rule number two:

Get curious and learn how the universe works. Because once you understand universal laws, you will understand how you, your body and mind operate. You will begin to appreciate that you are an integral part of the universe. Your spirit is universal energy in denser form. You are a fractal expression of the universe.

You cannot ever be harmed because the universe is a benign and ever expansive space and you are consciousness co-creating your reality with the universe according to your mental focus and your values and belief structure. When you tap into this reality you can only create happiness and prosperity in your own universe if you chose to do so.

That insight alone is hugely empowering.

Rule number three:

Learn to differentiate between your feelings and the emotions of the collective consciousness. Over 79 % of our feelings and emotions are not our own. They just appear so to us, until we reach that level of cognitive awareness that allows us to differentiate between the collective and our own mind.

When you get to this stage you are immensely empowered. You will no longer follow group opinion, or be the unwitting victim of your conditioning. You will think for yourself and you will be aware also that you have a choice in everything you do, say, think and experience.

Realise that everything you seek is inside you, it is nowhere else. You in human form are a fractal of the universe which contains all there is. Therefore the only place to look if you wish to change, improve, or increase your awareness is within.

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