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Two Steps To Take To Attract Abundance And Prosperity
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Choose To Focus On Abundance And Prosperity

The fundamental truth in attracting abundance and prosperity is You are the only one to make the choice. What the mind dwells upon it attracts always. As a man thinks in his heart so he is. For us to attract abundance and prosperity,, we must program our thoughts in harmony for it. The power of thoughts can either be constructive or productive.

When we focus the energy of our thoughts on abundance, we become receptive to like energy required to gravitate it towards us. Our thoughts influence our experiences and circumstance. The situation we find ourselves in the past, at the present moment and the nearest future is a result of what we have allowed ourselves to think about. This is because we attract what we think.

Whenever we allow fear, anxiety and worries to dominate our thoughts, we attract like energy that brings circumstances , situation and experiences that are destructive. At such moments, negative energy radiates from us to attract negative things. If we honestly desire abundance and prosperity, we need to step up our prosperity awareness.

We must activate our firewall system to shut out and prevent negativity into our subconscious mind. We must have the enlightenment to realize that there is an energy network linking all minds. Thus the resonating effect of our thought process will set in motion whatever energy frequency that is in alignment with it. This is the law of attraction We must therefore make a choice to use our subconscious and conscious mind to focus only on prosperity before we can attract it to ourselves.

Develop Wealth Consciousness

In attracting prosperity and abundance, the next step is to develop a wealth consciousness. This means we must deliberately disregard and shut out every belief or thought of poverty, lack and limitation. You must prevent your subconscious mind from being receptive to negative news about the economy, global recession and negative government policies. One thing to be realised is ,there has never been a time and in fact there will never be when the global economy will be perfect.

Develop a consciousness that your own economy must be perfect and it will. The economy will never provide for everyone adequately. Labour unions will have to continue the fight for higher wages . Employers will always cut cost either through lay offs or wage cuts. It is the reality and they are two opposite ends which always create the impression of limitation. There is no limitation except the limitation of our mind.

Whosoever that honestly desire abundance and prosperity must never believe in limited supply. You must operate on a higher consciousness. You must constantly sow seeds of abundance into your mind . It is a fertile ground. Remember Henry Ford? The economy of America was definitely not perfect when he founded Ford Motors. You must see yourself being rich. You must have a mindset of endless supply. This is how we can (attract abundance and prosperity)

A wealth consciousness enables you to see abundance and prosperity in all things, even when situation or circumstances present the contrary. Dare to see through every appearance of limitation as opportunity for growth and advancement. Focus the totality of your mind on solution. Soon this higher consciousness of the mind must surely attract the energy that will gravitate opportunities towards you. By so doing, with constant practice, you become a master of situation instead of being a victim.

To your abundance and prosperity

Tolu Babalola

Street Talk

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