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I'd love to share with you some life changing and profitable information. With confidence I can say that this is some of the most powerful information I have ever heard. I really don't want to keep it to myself. I'm sooo excited to share it with you right now. Honestly, if you've ever wondered if there is proof that visualisation really works then the wondering can stop right now. It is true that visualisation works and how. There are however, some secrets to having it work for you to manifest your own desires.

So often overlooked in descriptions of the manifesting process, there are secrets that if not applied will take you ut of the flow and leave you disappointed. One such secret is emotional involvement. You must be emotionally involved in the images of your desires that you visualise. You must feel yourself already having that which you desire as if it was real and already manifest. You must feel the feelings, taste the tastes and hear the sounds.

Vision Boards are a great start to getting involved in clarifying what it is you do want. However, to really ramp up the emotional intensity moving picture and evocative music are big steps up. You can appreciate the power of music to stir the emotions. Think of 'Eye of the Tiger'. Think of 'The Ride of the Valkyries'. Think of 'Angels'. See what I mean. actually more accurately, 'feel' what I mean.

The basic premise behind the use of Vision Boards is that it is not our intelligence that keeps us from achieving our desires it is our subconscious mind which are curtailing our success. Our subconscious minds must be open to recieve and our belifs must be congruent in order for us to manifest our desires.

Five Keys to Successful Visualisation

  • Get clear about what you want- specifically
  • Positve present tens affirmations
  • Collect images to visualise your success
  • Positive emotionally evocative music

Get your RAS* working for you

* Reticular Activating System - gate keeper of your conscious mind-(more in another article).

Life is a do it yourself project. We are here to do extrordinary things. You can be do and have anything your heart desires.

Daydream your way to everything you want? Yes! Effortlessly allow and it all can come true. First you need to understand the few key elements of your manifesting siccess. Then you must practice. By practice I do not mean effort to repeat the same formula over and over again. No, that's asking over and over for the same thing and that is not needed. ask once and allow it to happen. By practice I mean make you visualisations clearer, larger, more vivid and more emotionally involving. That takes practice.

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