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When Does Your Prosperity Desire Turn To Greed?
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I started out my career working in banking. In the first year I had to work in individual departments. Counting money physically was one of the first things I learned. Needless to say we had to be right to the last penny and were not allowed to leave that bank until every penny was accounted for. When you are counting tens of thousands and more in cash, that can be a tedious task.

These early days in my career taught me that everything counts in life and even the slightest thing makes a difference. Later on I learned to trade and have traded money for other people.

To me trading other people's money was even more of a challenge than trading my own. Strict risk management parameters are so engrained into my trading style that I would not dream to deviate from them no matter how big the potential profits are.

However, I only know too well from clients I have advised that this kind of ethic is not that widely spread. There is an unspoken assumption that one has the right to everything, without lending a thought to how it affects other people. I see brokers regularly taking vast commission they really do not deserve from their clients' accounts. Large account drawdowns are played down as a necessary part of trading.

To me this is the message from the secret having gone seriously wrong.

The lack of understanding of how spirituality really works has led to the assumption of many that all you need to do is ask and it is given. Seminars tell participants that they are deserving, just because they are beings of love and light. People fall for these over simplified versions of bliss and abundance.

Evidence of this is everywhere. One of my businesses is a partnership with a design company. We found out that another company was looking to employ our services and charge 150 times our price to their customers. Yes, you read this correctly.

If you have read any of my articles you will by now have an understanding on the workings of universal forces. I have talked about how the universe is in essence a friendly place. It has your back. Universal energy and that includes the energy of prosperity, does not judge.

Prosperity is prosperity, whether it is earned by the dustman winning the lottery or a trader, broker speculating, taking excessive risks and getting lucky on some trades.

However, the interesting thing about the workings of the universe is this: The universe knows when things are out of balance. There is a built in mechanism, that knows when the rubber band is over stretched. It knows when the desire for prosperity turns to greed and begins to harm the entire system.

The message is very basic and simple: Understand how the universe really works and you will prosper. There is no need for greed and other shenanigans to get what you want.

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