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Who Controls Your Financial Destiny?
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Donald Trump once said: "You can either make money or make excuses, but you can't do both"

This statement contains some profound insights about the realities of prosperity creation. It is a natural assumption for most of us that external circumstances control our destiny. The press has playing the blame game ad nauseam: We are constantly told how the Fed, the government and the banks are to blame for the present economic malaise that has befallen the powerless people.

The big picture is one of the meek individual crunched by the unscrupulous exploitation of a few. It also assumes that we, as individuals are helpless victims in an infinitely nasty and hostile environment. I do not share this view which is based on the utterly false premise of an unfriendly universe and its out to get us. The assumption that the intent of a few ueberpowers is strong enough to control an entire population is simply a lie and out of sync with the most basic universal laws.

The economy is not your biggest challenge

The biggest challenge the individual is facing today is not the economic downturn but the fact that the large majority of people still have no idea how their reality is actually brought into existence. Most people believe that they have no. or at best very little influence over their financial prosperity and their lives in general. They are clueless about the meaning of self empowerment and self actualisation and are buying into media hypes as if they were their own opinions. Critical thinking flies out of the window. The result: Fear and anxiety is spreading. Both promote deep rooted beliefs that prosperity and abundance are but for a chosen few. As these feelings of helplessness spread so do victim hood and frustration.

The consequence is a lowering of vibrational energy that is currently permeating the planet. Poverty consciousness is runing riot, literally, as the movement "Occupy Wall Street" has shown.

As long as we buy into this reality and have a totally false view of our inherent powers this conundrum will continue and poverty and lack of prosperity will be the lot for many.

You have power, but you can't see it, let alone know how to use it

However, this really need not to be so: The key that unlocks change for the better and opens the doors to your own powerhouse of creativity and abundance is the knowing that you are an infinite being of infinite possibilities. You are not a victim but the master of your destiny. The only reason why you have not yet mastered to control your destiny and create the prosperity and abundance you desire is because you have not realised that you have the power to create anything you like.

Instead you insist on seeing yourself as powerless and continue to make yourself a victim of the government and the economy and anybody else who appears to have something you think you are lacking. In reality the economy and the government are the result of your unwillingness to step into your own power and realise who you really are. A co-creator with the universe. Tap into the powerful being that you really are and start co-creating with the universe.

The true power rests inside you and nothing and nobody can take this away from you, apart from yourself. Your refusal to engage with yourself and open your heart to the most wonderful mechanics of your existence is the only thing that's stopping prosperity coming to you. You just think it is far safer to play small and stay as you are, thus suppressing your natural process of evolution. Your financial destiny is entirely in your own hands. It flows from the inside out into you reality. This is a much more realistic way of relating to yourself then looking to change outside circumstances.

Learn self acceptance and learn about happiness, and learn to let go from old conditioning and your world around you will change too.

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