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Why True Happiness Turbo Charges Your Prosperity
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Particularly in the present economic environment where things seem to be changing faster than most of us ever imagined and the old rules are falling by the wayside fast, maintaining prosperity, let alone being happy, seem to be a challenge with a capital C.

If I were to ask you to just simply be happy and good things will come to you, you'd probably declare me nuts. Well, I shall take that risk, because this is precisely what I am asking you to do. It is by far the best way the become wealthy and maintain wealth.

The reason for it actually is stupefyingly simple: Happiness has a light charge to it, it has a frivolity, acceptance and ease about it.

So, let's play in the energies a little, it will help you understand what I want to get across:

Let me ask you this question: Does it make you feel lighter when you imagine a life of prosperity and see all the good things you could be enjoying, or does it make you feel heavy? I bet thinking what prosperity can do for you will make you feel lighter.

How would you feel if you believed that prosperity is easily come by and all you have to do is find the things that make you happy?

I know what you are thinking....

Now, please forget about all those reasons you have come up with in the past why making money is hard work, how frustrating it is to have to struggle to make ends meet, the anger you feel with the government, the constantly rising prices, and all those other limiting thoughts you may have passing through your mind.

I won't give you any more examples because I certainly do not wish to encourage you to think along those lines. Did you notice how your energy is lowered just by reading this last two sentences about how difficult it is to maintain prosperity, let alone get it? I bet you do.

Now, think of a happy moment in your life, think of something you enjoy doing that makes you happy.How does it feel? Well, lighter of course.

Happiness is contagious

The purpose if this little happiness exercise is to make you see how easy it is to change your energetic vibration. If you have prosperity issues, well they are still there, but thinking about the things that make you happy makes you feel better, always.

The psychology of happiness is profound: It helps you to access that part inside you that is always happy and only knows happiness. Happiness, just like prosperity, anger, frustration or any other feeling, opinion and emotion are choices. You are the creator of your own happiness, or lack of it, not your outside circumstances. Once you become aware that it is actually inside you the entire ball game of life and how you perceive your reality changes.

Happiness awareness helps you to stay detached from your circumstances and not to identify with them. Learn to access true happiness awareness, it is the best way to become wealthy by far.

Before long you will be able to transfer this feeling to every situation in your life. It becomes contagious; we all know that like attracts like, don't we?

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