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Why You Are Not Rich, Yet
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Please don't let the headline put you off. I know it is hard to be pointed straight to the heart of a pressing issue and when a stranger asks you:"Why are you not rich yet" it can feel intrusive, even offensive.

However, oftentimes we need to be shaken up a little in order to take note. Our well meaning minds have deployed many a coping mechanism to keep us in the old safety modes which make us feel secure and comfortable. The concept is great, but has a major flaw:

Feeling comfortable does not encourage change

Quite on the contrary: Our need for safety makes us want to stay put. After all, why should you change your life or money situation and attract greater prosperity? Changing old ways means stepping into unknown territory.

So, things may not be great, but somehow you are getting by. And you know the rules of the game your are playing right now.

I get often asked this question: "I want to change my money situation, but every time I try I experience set backs. There is always something that knocks me back and destroys my self confidence."

Do me a favour and just re-read the above phrase. Do you notice the incongruence in the statement?

What you read there is typical for most people. Notice the "I want to....,but..." Yes, we all want to be rich, wealthy, healthy and prosperous but we do not realise how our in-congruencies and conflicting beliefs are continuously throwing spanners into the works and are cancelling out the manifestation of prosperity.

Your unconscious belief conflicts which are silently running in the background and are sabotaging your innermost desires are the main reason why you are not rich yet.

What you should watch out for:

Are you a chronic procrastinator? Procrastination lowers self esteem and makes you feel permanently unhappy with yourself. Hardly the stuff that encourages the manifestation of riches, wouldn't you agree?

How often are you making excuses for your lack of prosperity and wealth by using "yes,...but..." statements? Please, stop this right now and see how this little trick will change your money situation. You will notice that you are starting to think more positively about money and this will help you to attract prosperity.

Don't expect massive change over night, rather watch out how the little things are changing. This gives you encouragement to carry on. It also increases your confidence.

Great expectations, literally, are great. They may also set you up for disappointment and discourage you, particularly if your self esteem is low. Wouldn't it be so much more encouraging if you were to notice all the little areas where you used to have doubt about yourself, fall away gradually, or how your limiting thoughts are bit by bit being replaced by thinking in possibilities? So, be patient with yourself. It is okay to dream big, but watch all the small areas where you beginning to change.

How does it get any better than that? Well, I will tell you: Before long opportunities will show up. Your job is be vigilant and take them.

Always remember: Rome was not built in a day, you must however, start by taking the first step.

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