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Winning The Lottery Changed My Life
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Winning the Lottery Changed My Life

How many people can say that they won the lottery?! I can!! Winning the lottery changed my life..... well at least until I found out that my numbers didn't match! Doh! How many of you buy a lottery ticket and start to day dream about all of the wonderful things that you are going to do once you win? Come on! Don't act like you haven't done it! We all have.

You purchase your lottery ticket and you just have this feeling that this is it! You are about to become a millionaire and you have big plans! You can FINALLY quit your job! You get to go on the vacation that you have been dreaming about your whole life. You will be able to buy a new house! You can pay for your children's college education. You will buy a new car, pay off all your bills. The list goes on! Oh the joy of hitting the jackpot!

Whenever the jackpot is huge people run out and purchase lotto tickets like they are going out of style. I have been in line once and the person in front of me bought 50 tickets! I remember feeling like I needed to up the ante and purchase more than 50 because maybe my one ticket wasn't enough and that my odds of winning would somehow be better if I purchased 51 tickets. Seems kind of silly now that I am thinking about it but at the time it seemed pretty logical to me! The thought of winning and all of the things I could do had me in a temporary money coma!

We all know that the chances of actually winning are slim to none but for whatever reason when we buy a lottery ticket our minds start to wander into the clouds and we start dreaming about how the lottery will change our life. It's a great feeling to have the hope and the excitement of what you can do if you win. Your body's endorphins are on overdrive and you just can't help feeling good in that time frame before the drawing actually takes place.

Winning the lottery for me gave me something to look forward to. It put a pep in my step and made my day just that much better. Planning for the future and imagining all of the things that I would finally be able to do once I cashed in my winning ticket was uplifting and surreal. Yeah so maybe my numbers weren't a perfect match, but my dream was clear as day and for a moment... winning the lottery changed my life.

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