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3 Action Steps So That Failure Is Not An Option For An At Home Business Opportunity
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3 Action Steps so That Failure is Not An Option for An at Home Business Opportunity

So you have been working on an at home business opportunity for a while and are considering giving up? Think no one else has been there? You must have had a good reason to start a business. Things that spring to mind are making some money; you may have been made redundant, or you want to quit your existing job.

We all expect that when we start a new venture we will make money, there is nothing in it – right? A little bit of work here and there and the money will cascade in. Well you tried this and it didn’t seem to work so you are deciding to give it up.

Let’s look at three reasons why you think this way and action steps to take in order that you need not give up.

1. You haven’t made any money yet.

It could just be unrealistic expectations. We all believe the hype that we will make millions overnight but reality is that only 1% will ever make the millions – you and I may make a comfortable living – which is okay right? The first 6 to 12 months is probably the period where you might make no money – so simple answer – readjust your expectations. You will be amazed how good it feels to achieve that first sale, but if it takes a month more what’s the problem?

I will have to assume also that you have not spent too much money to date. If you have then that’s one factor that you need to stop right there, because this just makes the fact that you haven’t made any money yet make you feel even worse. When you start out in business at home you should do so with an “I won’t spend money unless I really have to” approach. There are too many vendors out there who are after your money and nothing else – so closed wallet is the best approach - this will also feel good.

2.You don't understand what you are doing

We all have been there and the answer is simple - find a place to learn. At home businesses are relatively mature in the sense that education is available for all aspects of it. So find a place to learn – forget all the slick “make a million overnight places” and get into a learning institution where you will have the opportunity to ask questions, learn by established training courses and have a plan to move forward. These learning institutions exist and often offer a free period for a try out before paying a small monthly fee. You will feel so good when you know that there are people trying to do the same thing as you and facing the same problems. You can also talk to those that have succeeded and learn from them – they will be willing to help. How good will that feel?

3. I don't have a plan.

Heard that before that’s for sure. Many people don’t have a plan – don’t know how to make one. Simple – you have to. Otherwise how do you know you are working on only those tasks which will lead you towards making money – all others within reason are not what you should be doing.

Start small with a three month plan – what goals you expect to achieve at the end of three months. Mine was join a learning institution, decide on what I am marketing and then get a web site up and running.

Then break the three month goals into what tasks you want to achieve by the end of each month, in order to reach your three month goals.

Next break the first month tasks down into what you want to achieve in each of those four weeks, which gives you a plan for this week and then next three weeks. Don’t be too aggressive – a million dollar sale by month two sounds great but so does my web site up and running. You will begin to feel much better now that you have your work tasks defined and can tick of what you achieve as you go.

Still want to give up?

Try these three action steps first and then see how you feel with your at home business opportunity after you have completed them all.

Street Talk

this is good advice thanks for the info and inspiration

  about 9 years ago

Great advice.

  about 9 years ago

Hi Shawn, Thank a lot, much appreciated, Regards Keith

  about 9 years ago

I can't afford to fail, literally. Thanks for the inspiration!

  about 9 years ago

Hi Meredith, your most welcome and thanks for your comment, Regards Keith

  about 9 years ago

Giving up is the easy way out, I know like many others I have been knocking on the door, but never took the step inside as failure is not an option, even now as still have my moments and shake my head, I know in hte back of my mind, it will happen, mind up is to easy....never surrender comes to mind....thanks Keith

  about 9 years ago
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