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A Plan Is A Plan, No Matter What
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A Plan is A Plan, No Matter What

How can you tell if procrastination is eating your life?

“I love it when a plan comes together.”

I guess that everybody agree about the great sense of satisfaction that rise when we pinpoint a target, a quest, an objective and we come to it through a plan.

But, for sure, the majority of us know how many time we lost the target, the direction, and even the real intention of what we were pursuing.

The plot it’s always the same. As human being we are very curious, we have many interests and we’re thirsty for novelties... and we have these moments when we have something important to do, we remark it more and more time with the badge of maximum priority, we think about it every single day but... when it come the moment to do it we suddenly realize that there are thousands of things we should do first, I mean, you know, take a better look at the windows, clean the base of the tv screen, start reading , for the 20th time, the old magazine that rest on the desktop corner.

Or maybe we are just mhh let me see, yes, I feel a little headache incoming, it’s better to avoid any stress or maybe a bad flue. It’s better to do it tomorrow. Definitely. Tomorrow will be the day.

Take a look in the mirror while you’re thinking about this.

Smile at yourself.

You know it isn’t true, yesterday you said the same thing.

Now laugh at yourself.

It was the same thing the last week.

Leave the mirror alone, sit down again and write in a real notebook your next plan.

I suggest you to avoid any kind of hi-tech items here. The way you write with your own hand, with your own calligraphy what you’re going to achieve and how it’s vital because if you do it otherwise you’ll bypass the sense of awareness of your mind. With just a pen and a paper you’ll do the right scroll for your big little change.

1)Write in the upper part of the first page of our notebook at least three main objective. I’m used to take three kind of objective, each one with different importance and duration, for example...learning a song, learning an entire language, read a book.

Remember to choose at least one objective that will give you fun, from the beginning to the end.

2)Divide each objective in minor tasks, remember to write each task and objective in many sheets to take with you or leave here and there in your place (on the bedside table, in the wallet, written in the screen creative and redundant.

3)When you find some block on the road remember to write ,write and write again about it in your notebook, it will save your time the next time you’ll find again that kind trouble. You already know the path down there, there is no point in sitting in still facing the river flow...right?

4)To act it’s just easier than you would expect while you’re thinking of it. To think too much could just make your mind heavier.

5)Grant a little sugar to your mind whenever you’re done with an objective, make this a little ritual and write about it.

If this could be for you a great journey...well, there could not be a journey without a diary talking about it. Like a map of the world you’re going to explore with the road you’re following.

Never lose the goal, but be free to take a free walk around from time to time, and have fan with it!

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