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Before You Set New Goals: Revisit, Review And Revise
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Before You Set New Goals: Revisit, Review And Revise

Goals are difficult for some people. They set them and then allow them to fall by the way side. Sometimes the goals are too vague to be achieved. Maybe you have managed to do them but you just don't know it yet. That is why you have to be sure to set achievable and realistic goals. Huge goals have to be broken down into smaller goals or you just end up floundering along the way. I have set many goals and I would like to think that I will accomplish them all, eventually.

I decided to go back to school several years ago. I didn't set a distinct goal beyond getting a degree at that time. Sometime during the final months of my process, I decided that I wanted a higher degree. I reviewed the original goal and then revised it. So, now I have a diploma on the wall behind me and am in the process of a graduate degree. There are times when I am sure I am not going to make it and then there are days where I quite confidently declare "I got this.".

My health and fitness are also areas I decided to work with as well. I had originally planned to go vegetarian but I have a number of vegetable allergies so it would be kind of problematic for me. I eat the healthy foods that I can and get over the ones that I cannot. No one has ever died because they cannot eat a stalk of celery after all. I have committed to a workout program- and once I get to the end of that program I review and revise and either go back to the beginning for a second round or start a new one. There are new goals for every program- I am increasing my speed, strength and endurance with this program right now and loving every minute of it.

My goal to meet someone is the one that is tripping me up the most, though. I had originally set the goal as "met a nice man to marry". Now I am just aiming for someone to date and then we will see where it goes. I am thinking he might not even need to be all that nice either. I am not worried that I won't find someone. I just keep reviewing and revising that goal. I am confident that I will be setting new goals with a new guy eventually- couple's goals are easy, right?

Street Talk

I revise my goals from time to time, and I even revise my objectives. One of my New Year's resolutions was to exercise 15 to 30 minutes a day. I then decided I needed to build my aerobic capacity (breathing hard so I can strengthen my heart) so I made it 15 to 30 minutes of sustained exercise. I am doing well with that objective. Couple's goals aren't always easy. For instance, you cannot control another person's behavior, so you can't just decide you will both work out together or go on the same diet. The other person has to want the same thing. You might not have a lot of free time if you are in graduate school right now. When you have some free time, you can get involved in local organizations or join some local groups. Then you will have a chance to meet guys who have similar interests.

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