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Dream Without Any Doubt! What You Would Do If You Knew You Won’t Fail In Any Case?
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Before going for your dream, you should know it is possible for you. Knowing means more than believing; you have to be 100% sure to really see your dream fulfilled.

Since 2004 when the famous movie ‘The secret’ was released, people have talked a lot about the law of attraction. The opinions are split between those who believe the secret is true and those who don’t.

But the issue is much more complex than that.

The law of attraction not only exists, but also is present permanently in our lives, doesn’t matter if we are aware of it or not.

The movie aroused a lot of debate because it focused on the possibility of using the law of attraction deliberately to fulfill our desires. The author, Ronda Byrne, and her guests talked about the law like being a sort of Aladdin lamp which is ready to make true any asked wish.

This association with the Aladdin lamp is not exaggerated at all, but for uninitiated people it might seem strange. It is too much to ask a grown up with his feet on the ground to believe in fairly tales!

There are situations in our lives when something happens and we say: ‘I had known it! It happened exactly how I expected!’ This is the sort of situation when the law of attraction brings the desirable outcome. The case when we expect something being sure that it happens is the best example to understand how someone can use the law of attraction deliberately.

Let’s suppose you have to pass an exam. You are feeling confident, you have learned and understood very well the subjects; you know you will be successful with no doubts. It happens exactly what you expected and you are not surprised. But, if on the same exam, despite the fact that you learned, you are afraid some unexpected events might appear, you have big chances to fail. The doubt awakes from your subconscious mind limiting beliefs of lack of confidence and lack of capability which lead you to a self-sabotage behavior. Finally, you have a slip of memory or you cannot concentrate on the subject for various reasons and the result is not the desirable one.

We manifest in our lives what we are thinking. Thoughts become things. It is true. Though, we are not aware about all our thoughts. Here is the problem. Hidden deeply in our subconscious mind there are pattern of thoughts based on our beliefs which determine our actions.

Many people understood from ‘The Secret’ that it is enough to have a wish and to focus on it and visualize it and you see your desire fulfilled. It is not like this. Even if your rational mind decides to focus on something desirable, this is not enough. Your subconscious mind should ‘support’ the fulfillment of your desire. Otherwise, it will determine you to action against the fulfillment (to self-sabotage your wish).

During our life we collect a lot of beliefs regarding our own value and our capabilities. Our subconscious mind records them and influences our behavior based on these beliefs. This explains why sometimes we intend to reach a certain objective but the result is contrary. The reason our subconscious mind is acting like this is that one of its functions is to defend us.

It is strange, but this is the truth.

Let’s take another example. People want money. Money is one of the most desired things in the world. But what believe most people about money? They know that money is evil, money doesn’t bring happiness, money is limited, and money is hard to have… When they talk about having a big amount of money, their most common thoughts are that they don’t deserve it, they are afraid of not losing it, they feel guilty for having it in front of poor people, they feel insecure with so much money…

All these limiting beliefs concerning money will determine unconsciously their behavior when they deal with money. The subconscious is defending them from having money. It knows money is evil and will keep them far from it. In spite of their big desire, focus and visualization, money won’t come to them until they won’t clear their subconscious mind from this hidden ‘knowledge’ regarding money.

When we know that our actions are sabotaging our rational chosen desires? We know it whenever we think to a desire and we are not feeling release; not feeling release means we carry in our hidden mind some toxic beliefs.

What we can do? The simplest way to find out how our subconscious is programmed is to ask ourselves and answer a question: ‘Why this wish cannot be fulfilled? Why couldn’t I have/be this?’ Write the answer. You might write two-three lines or a few pages. You will discover surprising things about yourself and your inner beliefs.

And from here you should start to work. No, not work, this is not the right word. You should start to play. Play, because you have to be relaxed, not struggling.

Firstly, write for each belief a counter-belief and explain it. If you say ‘Money is limited’ you can note ‘Money is unlimited, money is energy and energy is unlimited. There is enough money for everybody who clears the mind and knows he/she attracts it.’

After you go through all your old beliefs, you have to practice your new beliefs. Think to your desire and try to get the feeling like you have it already accomplished. Keep the feeling as much as you can by visualizing yourself living your dream/having your desire fulfilled; practice it as often as you like to. Now you know it will happen.

Now you are close to it. Your dream becomes true.

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