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Fame: A Value
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Have you ever wanted to be famous? Some people go through childhood dreaming of being famous when they grow up. They may want to be a writer who has many best-selling books in the bookstores, a motivational speaker who tours the country speaking at schools, or an actor who stars in commercials, television shows, or movies. Believe it or not, fame is actually a value.

A writer is not famous when he first begins writing and publishing, of course. When he begins his writing career, the general public does not know who he is. He must build his name and make himself known to the reading public. In order to make himself known, he publishes his work. The public then becomes familiar with the writer's name and the kind of work he publishes, and he develops fans who wait eagerly for his next book to come out. When the book does come out, the fans line up, eagerly awaiting their own personal copy of the long-awaited masterpiece.

A motivational speaker is requested by school personnel to come and speak to the school's student body. The speaker stands on a stage and shares his wisdom and experiences with students who are eager to listen. Motivational speakers become famous after they have spoken at many schools and conferences. Many speakers also publish books and appear on television talk shows. Public speaking has helped them to be confident on stage rather than nervous.

Actors, like writers, are not famous when they first begin acting. Many actors go to casting calls, hoping to be cast in a commercial, television show, or movie. Sometimes they do get cast, and sometimes they do not. Those who get cast earn money while participating in a very unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Those who get a speaking role earn more money than those who do not.

When a person becomes famous, he often gets letters from his fans, who want an autographed picture of him. He is also in demand. Publishers want to publish his book, and directors want to cast him in commercials, movies, and television shows.

If you wish to become famous, understand that fame will not come overnight. If you are patient, however, it will happen. Work at your craft, whether it is writing, speaking, or acting, and you will become known. You may not have people asking for your autograph, but they will recognize your name when they hear it.

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