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Goals Are A Helping Hand
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Goals Are A Helping Hand

We always hear someone say to set goals, and you will achieve your dreams. Let me explain how goals really can be an helping hand. We all go through the every day routine, trying to get somewhere. This somewhere is usually not well defined or well lit. We can't actually picture this somewhere that we know we are going.

Life is tumultuous many times, and you can get thrown around. I understand this all to well. We also know that in the times that we live in, time is lost without us even realizing it, because of all the media outlets, and because of all the social activities that we fall into. Yes, we love all this time being social, and we actually thrive with certain amounts of activities. But, this is one huge factor in why we don't usually set targets to reach. Our lives are continuously flung about without much thought of slowing down or even of the future.

Goals are absolutely necessary to make your life easier. It’s amazing how much smoother your life will be when you have a game plan. Think about it. You set an amount that you need to save to pay for your child’s college, and you begin with incremental additions throughout the years until he/she is ready to enter college. The child decides which school to go to (hopefully after many hours of thoughts, and watching his parent’s model of goal setting), and now comes enrollment. Here, you scream “Ahhh, so expensive.” But wait, you had this already planned out, to save yearly for this exact moment, and guess what, there is no screaming involved, no stressing out about how to pay, because you set this mark long ago, and have been working in smaller chunks, and now when the time is here, you have the money to pay for it.

Here's where goal setting will help. The process of sitting down and finding out your direction, pinpointing where you are going, will slow down this wild life we are wasting. You need to define this picture of that somewhere that you envision being one day. Somewhere out there, is the point that you know you are going to be, the dreams that you want for yourself or for your family to be experiencing in real life, and you need to develop a plan to get there, so you won't just waste away

The easiest way to do this is put your dreams on a sheet of paper, where you can look at it at any time. This "at any time" is key, because it will continually pound your dream into your head, and force all your decision making to be geared toward reaching that point that you have laid out. It makes the whole daily routine smoother, and even fun.

Here's another thought. If you have a larger specific picture of where you are going to be at a certain point, then you can make many smaller steps to reaching that point. With the reaching of and finishing of each smaller step, this gives you a gratified feeling of accomplishment into your life. This feeling will naturally push you to continue on your set path, making it much easier.

So can you see that sitting down and writing out your direction, how much smoother and how much easier your life will be? It will calm the mighty life that we live in for you, and provide you with that direction. All you have to do is begin, just start. If you begin pulling your vision out of your mind, and defining it, it will start to get easier as you accomplish each landmark.

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