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How Can Couples Dancing Be A Mad Hot Trend Among Teens?
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How Can Couples Dancing Be A Mad Hot Trend Among Teens?

Couples dancing was out

In the late nineties the idea of couple dancing together was the least cool idea on the planet for the teenagers at that time. Guess who sufferred? Well not surprisingly the dance schools, who simply didn't survive that decade. A huge shame really because those schools teachers had an amazing amount of dance talent to impart. Problem was they did not know how to attract the teens at that time and were more associated in the minds of those teens with the grandparents generation. Some schools turned to hip hop and aerobic classes but ballroom was out.

The reality shows come on the scene

The advent of the reality shows put couples dancing on the small and large screens, so suddenly it was hip to dance with a partner. You know this old fashioned idea, where partners actually hold each other in a "dance position". The partner dancing the male steps holds himself straight/upright and the person dancing the ladies steps has a more open position. When they move round the floor they move together. This concept applies also to dances like the cha, the samba and the jive although the opening dance positions will be different. However in all cases we are talking couples.

Teaching etiquette and grace as an extension of dance ??

Then along comes a new extension of this trend. It's called learning social competence through dance. When you dance as a couple that's one thing. However if you then have to change partners you need to be able to be socially competent. In other words you have to be able to present yourself correctly with the next partner, and the next and so on. Believe it or not this can be nerve racking especially for teens who tend to keep in groups of the same sex. However surprise, surprise, those that get into this find that it gives them a great feeling of reassurance once they become more competent. In addition if the school/dance club provides a social environment where it is accepted that you may occassionally make a mistake or need to overcome "shyness", then you have a recipe for becoming more socially competent.

Is this an important trend?

I would say that this most definitely is important. When you go for that all important interview, or have to work as a team member, having social skills is tremendously important and the lack of these skills is a factor which observers (interviewers, team members) will notice immediately. Having confidence but showing that you can be a team player is a key skill set to demonstrate. As you move through life building credibility and emotional intelligence skillsthese are often are based on your social competence skills, so effectively this does set you on the right path.

Anyone for a night out at the local ballroom dance school (modern version)?

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