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How To Create Inner Happiness, It Is The Key To Your Success
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In a recent study carried out amongst people interested in personal development participants were asked if they would like to change their lives. An overwhelming 85 % answered "yes".

This study is probably more representative of how most of us feel about our lives than any other study we could do on the human condition. It points to one thing: We are desperately longing for change. We are seeking something bigger, better and more satisfying for ourselves, our children and society in general.

Desire and seeking a better life comes from a deep knowing that something better is possible. It is the first part of an awakening to a different way of being against an outer reality of limiting possibilities largely caused by our skewed relationship to money.

Money rules our existence. It is a modern form of enslavement that holds us captive to conditioned desires. Conditioned desires divorce us from our true nature. They are manufactured by society to a large extent. This is not a bad thing. Why shouldn't we desire and enjoy a nice home, a lovely holiday a nice car and beautiful clothes?

The problem though is that we believe that these things make us happy. This is simply a lie, because our inner reality dictates what happens on the outside and not the other way round.

When you get this you have moved a huge step to inner independence, and freedom from outside circumstances. This is the place were you can access your authentic happy place, because here you have a choice. It is the place from which you can build that inner knowing about what is right for you instead of functioning from a vantage point of necessity.

I know the theory sounds simple. The reality we have created for ourselves demands that we pay the mortgage, the credit cards, ever increasing taxes to governments that have their own agendas.

The saying that it is hard to remember to clean the pool when you are up to your neck in alligators holds true for so money of us.

A total change of attitude is required here:

Surely you too can see that blame, feeling guilty, un empowered and worthless are unhelpful emotions which only pull you deeper into the abyss of separation.

What if you could begin to see that every challenge is a call to re calibrate your life? If you could see your challenges as wake up calls instead of seeing them as personal vendettas that life is running against you, you have opened that magical door to the kingdom of inner happiness and freedom.

This is the vantage point from which you make the impossible possible. So called miracles are not created by the old tried and tested.

Progress, joy, rejuvenation come through change and stepping into the excitement of the unknown. You alone can make yourself happy. it is your choice and your actions that will awaken happiness inside and all the success you every desired follows along as a nice by product.

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Hi Craig5, You are so right. It is never too late to grow, thank goodness. Actually gorwth is natural. It's evolutions' little secret, but we fight it with all our might, creating unnecessary hardship in all areas of life...

  about 1 decade ago

About a year ago I started realizing a lot of the things you were talking about in you article in my life. I'm glad it's never to late to grow

  about 1 decade ago
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