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How To Manifest In 7 Steps
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How to Manifest In 7 Steps

Don’t you just love life and being here on Planet Earth at this powerful time. We have entered a new phase of evolution and we as Human Beings are awakening to our true potential. The wonderful Stephen Covey said that we are all Spirit having a human experience. Before I had heard his quote I had my own belief that we were here playing the game of life … it wasn't about winning, it was how we approached a situation that WE created. As humans we tend to immerse ourselves in events that do not enhance our experience. We like to involve ourselves in ‘drama’, by either repeating it over and over to everyone that will listen, watching it on Television or at the cinema, reading about in newspapers. This very act of observation and talking of drama will just keep more flowing to us.

However with awareness and a new understanding it doesn't have to be this way. We have the power to create a life that is so worthy of the best outcomes. Something that is not taught at school or by our greatest teachers, our Parents, (this could be a generalization here, I was not taught this by my parents) are what steps to incorporate when we are wanting to create our true desires.

I am a firm, true believe in Universal laws and the fundamentals of Law of Attraction. Since being presented with this information, ‘That which is likened to itself is drawn’ I've had a keen focus to be a deliberate creator of my life. I am still working on the magic formula and from what I have discovered is that the KEY ingredient is HAPPINESS. This is another blog topic which I will expand on later however for this article I will keep it brief. Happiness breeds more happiness. Sounds simple right? Yes, it simple and it certainly does. Happiness is the Holy Grail that we all aspire to in this life. When we are happy, there is nothing else wanted. And the great irony is Happiness is not something that we need to work hard for, it is a choice.

When we offer the happy vibe, everything unfolds as we expect. How many times have you heard some one say, ‘I just knew that was going to happen’. And why is that so …. It was because a pure thought was offered and there was no restrictions placed upon it. A desire with no strings attached. This is how easy creating our dream life really is.

What follows are the 7 steps to manifest, what we truly want / dream / desire.

Listed below are the instructions on how to create a dream. Start with a dream that is small and simple. Test the process so to speak. If you start with a dream that really big or a desire where you could offer some doubt, you will get the validation to support your doubt. However don't let me stop you from pursing your BIG dream, just don't doubt it.

What I recommend is that you take some time to write out your manifestation, put it on paper and embellish it with rich words. Conjure the feeling, see it with your internal eyes. Word of caution, if you doubt in any capacity, it will negate the opportunity of giving life to your dreams. Doubt is the extinguisher …. Absolutely no room for doubt or disbelief in this process.

Have fun with this, I sincerely hope that you are given everything that your heart desires

7 Steps to Manifestation

1. Picture a Vision: Have an idea / dream / wish. See it, feel it, it must be a strong vision

2. Create a Desire: There needs to be excitement, strong energy, strong emotion attached to the vision Energized Vision, Intense – all consuming desire for manifestation of the Vision / Reality

3. Determined Belief: Know that it is possible, you deserve this manifestation. Belief is absolutely essential otherwise it cannot come to fruition. There has to be 100% alignment with this belief

4. Absolute Acceptance: Accept that the vision, desire, belief to be true, IT IS possible to manifest this idea.

Steps 1 -4 are the setup, phase 5-6 are the focused and intention phase of manifestation

5. Positive Intention: You must intend to manifest it, with your will, with your focus. It must be a conscious choice!

6. Visualize Action: Act (feel) like it, act like you are already in the state of the reality that you want. Behave like it already exists.


7. ALLOWANCE: let it go, unconditionally. Yes, that's right, you read correctly. After the 6 previous steps, you are now being told to let the desire go. If you notice what you want hasn't come then this very act will prevent it from taking shape. This is where your absolute belief comes into its own.

Summing up, you need intense vision and strong desire, a crystal clear belief, total and nothing else but acceptance, focused Intention, Allowed action …. THE ALLOWANCE AND THE ABILITY TO LET IT GO UNCONDITIONALLY. Have fun with this creation, after all this is what we signed up for. We put our spiritual hands up and eagerly volunteered to come to Planet Earth knowing that we were here at the right time to activate our memories and discover what powerful and magnificent creators we really are.

Street Talk

Thank you Rick ... I saw a comment this morning 'If you realised how powerful your thoughts were, you would never think a negative thought again'. Something to ponder :)

  about 9 years ago

Really liked the statement "deliberate creator of my life". Good article, thanks.

  about 9 years ago
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