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Pearland Texas Teaches Us Carpet Cleaning
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Pearland Texas Teaches Us Carpet Cleaning

My name is Daniel. I started R & D Carpet Clean with a colleague of mine a couple of months back. In the beginning I felt like I knew all I needed to know. I was very wrong. Now we have come so far from where we were its just crazy. I know more now than I imagined I would ever learn about running a business. We have come very far since our first carpet cleaning job in Pearland, TX.

It took some time for us to learn about the basics on cleaning carpet before we started. However, once we started the real learning began. Over the last two months the difference in quality has increased about 500%.

Our first job we charged $20 a room because we had no idea how much we really should have charged. All we had to clean was one room in the house that had the original carpet (that had never been cleaned). The rest of the house had the carpets replaced or laminate. This room had children living in it for many years and plenty of dirt and stain to challenge our capability.

We went through our carpet cleaning process, which we still use today. Its that difference that I really want to express, between that first job and the jobs today. The learning curve is so drastic its better than school. Its all hands on and first hand learning. Of course not everyone got the best job we could do because our capabilities and ways are always improving drastically. At the time, each customer got the best job we could do based on what we knew.

Our prices started low because we wanted to draw people in. We also saw how low some of the competition was charging and kind of went on that. Back then, I thought our prices were extra low for what we were doing. That was not the case. The prices simply matched our quality. We started with low prices and a lack of so much knowledge that they just happened to line up. We quickly learned that the prices our competitors advertised were not what they seemed. This was encouraging to know since our prices were simple and honest. When R & D Carpet Clean quotes $35 per room, that's what the client pays. Later on down the road the pricing may change but I know it makes the client happy to know that what we advertise lines up with exactly what they pay. Today we advertise $35/room but I think that is going to increase here soon with our new capabilities.

Moving on. Our carpet cleaning methods have improved in a broad spectrum. The way we use chemicals, how much is used, and using our equipment properly are some of the subjects of change. Not to mention learning about how very very important the high temperatures are. Before, we were using regular store bought chemicals in our pump sprayer (something else we upgraded out of). Now all of our chemicals are much more effective because we got the right ones. The more I think of it, the funnier it is looking back.

The extractor we use in our carpet cleaning process is just to much for most household wiring and will flip breakers. This extractor is what really does the cleaning. We were very luck to have a man that lives just outside of Pearland lend us a generator that fits in the back of our truck. That allowed us to have our own power and not take a chance in destroying our clients electrical circuits. This was a big factor as we were very lucky to have something like this fall into place for us. Our equipment and methods may change with time, but our integrity, professionalism, and dedication will not.

Today, when we walk up to a clients door, we are more confident than ever. Before it was like we didn't know what was going to happen. Now, we have learned how to interact with clients more efficiently. Like everything else this was developed over time with much experience.

Learning to work with a partner is a major deal as well. Before we kept bumping heads trying to get one thing after another done. Now we have learned our individual jobs and we do them very well. Again, its another stepping stone in our great learning process.

Still this is only the beginning. I feel like it should be the end of a story because of how far we have come as a carpet cleaning company all together. I have no idea what kind of knowledge lies ahead of us but I know it will only better us on our way to the top. The top is were we are headed.

I suggest learning more information about Pearland carpet cleaning through other sources. Learning through multiple sources is what has allowed us development up to now. The more sources we visit and more we learn, the better we get. Of course getting yourself filled with knowledge about the subject might encourage more cleaning.

There are many reasons we are carpet cleaning in Pearland. Mostly because its a small area that we grew up in. R & D Carpet Clean is familiar with Pearland and many of the people located there. These things make it a comfortable area for us to work in and the best environment to learn in. We have learned much as a Pearland carpet cleaning team but the path we walk is long and filled with nasty carpet!

If your outside of Houston and you call someone to have your carpets cleaned, we are here to answer any questions you may have concerning the subject.


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