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Simplest Way To Get Rid Of The Limiting Beliefs
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During the last years, I read many personal development books promoting the idea that anyone can achieve anything in life provided that he/she believes it possible.

They say that if you want something you just have to ask and it is given.

At the first sight, it may sound for many people unbelievable. In the movie ‘The Secret” we were told that if we want something we have only to visualize our desire and we can get it. I remember the scene with the guy visualizing the expensive car he dreamed of. He was sitting on an arm-chair imagining him driving the car he wanted to attract.

This image made a lot of people doubting the effectiveness of using deliberately the law of attraction and even doubting it really exists. The idea seemed ridiculous. And anyone trying it would have big chances not to see the dream accomplished. Imitating the way we drive a vehicle while imagining we are in it is like when we pray by saying only words without adding any feeling, God doesn’t hear us. Not because He don’t want to, but because He cannot hear us. God can only feel our vibration and when He feels it, He always answers. When we are on a clear vibration, our prayer is answered with no exception.

But what does it mean to be on a clear vibration?

In order to figure that, think at something which is easy for you to have. Let’s say you want to find to buy a very nice pair of shoes. Pray for it thinking at the feeling you will experience when you will wear it. Because you believe that it is possible you will feel release during your prayer and you will know that you will have exactly the shoes which will make you happy.

Now, think at something you think is difficult to get. Suppose you may want to receive an income higher than one million dollars by the end of the year. Try to pray for it while feeling how you would feel when you will have this money. If you have the same feeling of relief like praying for the shoes, it means you will have for sure this money. But if you don’t feel at ease thinking at your desire, if you feel like something is hindering you from living your dream, it means that there is a resistance which keeps you far from what you want.

This resistance is coming from what you really believe about having so much money. Maybe you think that the amount is too big to be made in such a short time, or is just too big for you to earn, or you don’t deserve it. Inside your unconscious mind there can be hidden a lot of other beliefs such as: rich people are evil, it is a shame to be rich when so many people are poor, if you become rich your friends may envy you and it might make you feel embarrassed, having so much money could make you feel guilty in front of your parents who didn’t ever earn so much, if you will have money you will not have love because rich people are alone… The list can be much, much longer. You don’t realize what you mind could store during the years. But it doesn’t mean you cannot find out.

Any desire facing resistance can be accomplished only if we bring at the surface and release the limiting beliefs which keep us away from fulfilling it.

It is not as complicated as it may seem. We don’t know which these beliefs are, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot be brought in the light.

We can do it simply answering one question: what prevents us from accomplishing our desire? We have to write the answer. The answer can be very short or very long, depending on the complexity of the subject. Usually subjects linked to money or relationships include a lot of limiting beliefs, some of them really strange. For instance, you can find out that you cannot have a long relationship with someone because you think you don’t deserve to be loved…

Once we realize which our resistant thoughts are, they will go away instantly and we will feel relief. Then, our desire finds its way to accomplishment. You will see miracles happening. You will meet the right people and you will find yourself in the right circumstances leading you to the fulfillment of your desire.

Keep in mind that this is very important: don’t stop digging to find your limiting beliefs until you experience clearly the feeling of relief.

You may start gradually going from simple things to more difficult ones. With every accomplishment your confidence and your belief in the process will increase and your life will change.

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