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Stretch Your Goals In Your Work At Home Business
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Stretch Your Goals In Your Work at Home Business

In the work at home business environment we may be very keen and want to build our business but it is all too easy to ease up on the work at home gas pedal.

There are many reasons why this can happen:

1. We get distracted by other things happening.

2. Does it really matter if we don’t get that web site set up today or even tomorrow?

3. There is no Boss other than ourselves to make sure we meet our objectives is there?

4. There are no meetings to go like we did in our corporate work so we don’t have to produce anything for them do we?

5. There is no annual review to take care of is there.

6. The family events become more important than our business.

The effect of easing up on the gas pedal is that we just coast along and in the end see or achieve less than we expected - so we may well quit.

The Corporate Business Life.

If I look at my corporate career goals and their achievement I noticed two real reasons why I wanted to do so.

These were:

1. Because if I achieved my goals I would be able to expect some sort of recognition – usually financial.

2. Achievement gave me a great feeling of personal success, I was achieving and that made me feel good and also good for my team.

How can we translate this into work at home businesses – after all it’s not a corporate regime we live in any more is it?

Well the truth is that working at home demands even more focus and attention from us than we did at work. Why – because we are now the boss, the worker, the planner all rolled into one.

The Work at Home Business Life.

One approach is to use stretch goals. In the corporate world goals (certainly in my company) were set to be achieved by normal work pace and some more, so that they stretched us and our performance. . We can apply this to our work at home work with significant results if we stick to the approach.

Let me give you my work week as an example. For my own personal reasons I work a four hour day. This gives me a 28 hour working week as I choose to work a seven day week. What you work in terms of hours and days is up to you, these simply work best for me. I work at the most productive time for me and that is early morning and early afternoon.

When I set my goals for the week and the daily task lists I don’t work on a 28 hour week but a 35 hour week (the normal length of an office working week). Effectively therefore I will have to stretch myself to get all of the weeks tasks done in the 28 hours. If for some reason I don’t get them done then I work extra hours to do so.

There are three things about this approach which matter to me:

1. I must achieve the weekly tasks if I am to achieve my monthly and hence my annual goals.

2. If I don’t, I am letting down myself but more importantly my wife because after all she has agreed that I can do this work at home business thing.

3. I get a great deal of personal success feeling if I complete everything.

Two points which will help you live better with your stretch goals:

1. You could set your goals for the month but this is dangerous. It is all too easy to ease up this week, not achieve what you want on the basis that you will catch up next week – dangerous – not recommended, do it on a weekly basis.

2. One exception which I will accept for not achieving a task or goal is if I find a new way of doing something and I have to learn how to do this. In this case I reschedule my tasks to take account of this. Otherwise I never re-schedule because this is another way of easing back on the gas pedal.

The idea of establishing goals and even stretch goals is very important from the day you start your online business work, because it increases your productivity and you need to do this as soon as you can. It is especially important if you are carrying out training to learn how to do your online business. If you have good training from a reputable learning institution to do as I did when I started my online business, then I couldn’t wait to get going and this encouraged me to establish my dailyand weekly goals early on.

So if you want to avoid that easing of the gas pedal I recommend you use stretch goals as I do and then you will achieve more and feel really good about it – worth doing right?

If you have any questions or comments on this article I would love to hear from you – please leave them below.

Street Talk

Great article...I'm still trying to get better at writing my goals. Thanks

  about 9 years ago

Staying focused is the number one reason most people fail with working at home. It does take a bit of discipline :)

  about 9 years ago

Very good advice Keith! Especially in the area of easing up. We are all too much prone to this. Thank you for sharing!

  about 9 years ago

Excellent article Keith! You provide some valuable insight into how to succeed in a home business. I will definitely incorporate some of your methods into my own plans. Thanks!

  about 9 years ago
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