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Successful Living
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Successful Living

How do you measure a successful living? Many would answer that one would have six figures in the banking account, living in a fancy house with a fancy car, and able to retire at the age of sixty. This, however, is furthest from the truth.

Success is defined as an accomplishment of one's goals. Every single one of us has experienced the beautiful taste of success at one point of our lives. It could be something as simple as the ability to own those favorite movies, or losing five pounds in a weight loss contest. This article is designed to give you a formula that will allow for those big dream goals to come true.

Step 1: Dream big, Start small. It is perfectly fine if one's goal is to have six figures, own a nice house in an excellent neighborhood, or want to have the ability to retire by age sixty. The question is how do we get there? If one of us has the goal of reaching six figures in the bank account, but knows nothing about money management or the steps to take in order to get there, then one would fail every single time. Why, because you dreamt big, had nowhere to start and therefore never came close to reaching this goal.

The first step is to start with a simplistic goal. Let's take the making six figures goal and put it into action. If I wanted to have six figures in my bank account, I would need to learn the concept of saving money. My first goal would be to open a savings account and put $100 dollars in the account. Once this has been completed, then I have completed my first success. I am already on my way towards successful living!

Step 2: Celebrate every accomplishment. Once that first goal is completed, celebrate. Take yourself out and get yourself a little treat, or a cup of coffee. Tell others about your success and about how you are on your way towards accomplishing one of your dream goals. Celebration is a great incentive and motivator to keep one going and keeping on track with that ultimate goal. If one chooses not to celebrate each stage of success, then it is much easier to lose sight on those accomplishments and leave you back to square one.

Step 3: Keeping organized is vital in accomplishing goals. It is strongly recommended that one buys an organizer, calendar, something that is not going to get lost to keep track of the progress of a goal. The goal of having six figures is just not going to happen overnight, so it is important to stay organized and not lose focus of the steps it will take to continuously succeed. For example, it would be great to write out each set goals to make it towards that ultimate goal. If having six figures in my bank account is my goal, I would write: In the first fourteen days I would like to put $100 in a savings account. By the end of the month I would like to have $500 in my savings account, etc.... Remember, the best way to reach your goal is ONE STEP AT A TIME!

Step 4: Keep yourself disciplined. This task by far is the most difficult task to accomplish, and why many do not reach their ultimate goals. Sometimes, in order to make our goals we have to sacrifice doing things that we really don't want to do. If the goal is to make six figures, and one hasn't met a step by the deadline that one wrote out, then it is time to make some sacrifices. This could mean that it is decided not to go out and eat at restaurants for a couple of weeks, refusing to go shopping with friends, or denying yourself the temptation of watching entertainment shows that will cost money. These non-desirable things WILL happen! There will be times to where one will not reach a step of a goal in a certain manner of time, and this is also why many will give up. Why? Because the lack of discipline.

It is understandable that life happens. That car that you drive will break down, repairs will need to be made around the house, and maybe you just found out that your wife is pregnant. There are literally hundreds of thousands of excuses out there that can prevent you from your ultimate goal of successful living. The important thing to remember is that if you are stuck on a step of a goal, or if you go backwards in a goal, start over from step one. For example, let's say that I needed that $500 dollars that I saved for a car repairment and now left back with $0 savings. This is fine, just start back at square one and look to add $100 back in the savings in the next couple of weeks. At least you didn't have to use a credit card, nor did you have to worry about paying extra interest with monthly payments. Because of your savings technique, you would be able to fix the car and not worry about being in extra debt! This is already an accomplishment.

This above formula works! It takes a lot of hard work. The most important thing to remember here is that you can already be having a successful living just by accomplishing those smaller, simplistic goals. "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got." Don't let this quote define you; you can be that person you've always wanted to be.

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