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The Best Way To Deal With Our Concerns About Starting A Web Based Business?
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The Best Way to Deal With Our Concerns About Starting A Web Based Business?

Whenever we do something which is outside our comfort zone we have concerns, it’s quite normal. Remember the first time you went to a new school or job. Butterflies in the stomach as they say. I always get those feelings when I have to give a presentation before a new audience. It’s the fear of the unknown question or unexpected audience reaction isn’t it?

Starting a web based business also falls into this category. If we have not ventured into business or perhaps into internet marketing then the same will occur when we make those first steps. If like me you started without any prior knowledge of business on the internet then there is so much information out there that it becomes overwhelming and doesn't help with the concerns we have.

In addition the concern gets a bit deeper when you are asked to pay for a course or materials to make that start in business doesn’t it?

When money comes into the decision making process we all see the risk factor increase because we don’t want to lose our money, even if it only seems a small amount. It becomes even worse if the amount requested is large and in this case we are often turned off by such a hard sale approach.

It was this concern which I had when I wanted to start affiliate marketing and to join Wealthy Affiliate, and I know that many of my readers will have felt the same way.

Really though the concerns are as much about us and whether we can succeed aren’t they?

Go back to my presentation concerns. I will have researched the material for the presentation thoroughly. I will have rehearsed the presentation many times, so that my wife also knows it as well as me, from the number of times I have presented to her. Still I feel concerned, and this is rooted in fear of not being able to give the presentation properly and achieving the desired results.

In the case of something like internet marketing we get all sorts of offers in our email boxes and they tell us that within a few days we will be earning substantial sums of money. If we the do a review of the vendor on Google we often can find negative reviews on them saying that the claims are not true. So we again become concerned.

With any intenet marketing offer our concerns are often about whether:

  • we will be a success in Internet Marketing or not.
  • we will make money from the program if we join it and pay out a small monthly fee.
  • we will be able to understand what the Vendor is teaching us or not?
  • we will be able to go back to learning as it is a long time since we did any formal education.
  • we can manage to work at home with that family we have to manage as well.
  • we can succeed because we are not technical and know nothing about the web.
  • we have the time because we work as well.

So what do we do about these concerns?

How do we get round them and make a decision to go forward or not?

Or do we just continue to be concerned and do nothing (not really an option is it)?

In my case I became so conerned that I wrote down a list of concerns and questions to make sure they were real and not just because I was uncertain. I found this helped because many of my concerns could be answered by going onto google and literally typing in the questions and concerns and seeing what came up. Not all of them were answered I will admit but many of them were. This of course is because many people before us have had these concerns and have documented their answers.

So I wrote down the information I found on the web and started to form a list of points in favour of doing internet marketing and a list of those points which were not supportive.

I then put a risk factor by each point - simple approach such as high, medium,low (risk), - and then put all the high risk ones together and so on. All the high risk ones I went back to the web and asked the questions again, just to check. This left me with a lot more information which i could understand and assess, allowing me to make a decision - which I did.

So what we can conclude is that we really need more structured information isn’t it – so that you can further assess the risk to yourself and your money that you will pay out.

You need to put this into a structured list so that you can see where the plus and minus points are, and put these into low, medium and high risk and make your decision.

Let's suppose then that you decide to go forward and join a course - keep these lists with you and every so often check back that things are working the way you thought they would. This will help you get the confidence to continue going forward OR it will show you that this was not the right way and you can decide to drop out instead of contining to spend money with no return.

Street Talk

Good advice Keith, stepping out of our comfort zones can be difficult but ultimately quite rewarding.

  about 8 years ago
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