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The Law Of Attraction – Sex Transmutation – The Tenth Step To Success
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The Law Of Attraction – Sex Transmutation – The Tenth Step to Success

Here we are with our 10th step toward success based on Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”. I have to say that it is definitely the most difficult step to success to grasp and the one that Napoleon Hill himself seemed to have had the hardest time to fully and clearly explain.

Some modern law of attraction mentors have actually said that the reason why Napoleon Hill was not giving much details about what steps need to be taken in order to be able to achieve success using “sex transmutation” is because while he knew that this was a strong factor toward success, he didn’t really know how one could develop it.

As someone who read the book “Think and Grow Rich” a handful of times and studied it myself, I would have to agree that Hill doesn’t really help us to fully understand what we can do in order to CREATE such mutation in order to channel our sex drive into creativity and achievement.

As a life coach who has been helping people improving their life for the past couple of years, I have studied Hill’s book very closely and I have studied this chapter very deeply to try to understand what was not quite explained in the book. The best way to explain it to you is to give you some very easy to understand illustrations and give you some guidance to try to apply this great force of the universe into your life.

Understanding the foundation of sex transmutation

To begin with, the main reason why people are so confused about sex transmutation is that they see “sex” only as something “physical” a physical force or worse even a physical need ONLY.

Any good life coach will teach you that sex is much more than that. Sex is not only physical but, spiritual. Sex is the physical expression of a spiritual state and when it’s taken completely out of that context it’s no more than what most people make of it; a simple physical need which of course has nothing to do with the transmutation that we are talking about here.

Sex is also a strong driving force for action. Just think about a time you had more energy and will than when you were madly in love! There are probably very few circumstances in life that gave you more punch than that, is there? This is because the desire that is backed up by the force of sex is one of the strongest emotions for both humans and animals.

Look at the case of animals for example – As Napoleon Hill explain in his book, a bull that has been castrated will become docile as opposed to a bull that has not and which would express an incredible ferocity. Look at animals fighting in order to be able to mate? They will fight to death if they have to. Just castrate such ferocious animals and they will become completely docile.

This is because the sexual gland is part of “the personality” of both animals and humans.

How to transmute sex drive into success drive

The one and only obvious channel that you can use to transmute sexual drive into success is your brain. You can decide consciously to use this force and transmute it into your business, career or any success you may want to achieve. This sounds great you might say but how do I do this?

It all comes down to making a conscious decision of mentally channeling such driving force into other areas of your life such as you career, business and goals. However, when I say conscious decision, I mean that you will have to involve your subconscious mind for better result.

A very helpful tool that has helped me do this successfully is meditation and hypnosis. When I say hypnosis I am not talking about the kind of hypnosis you’ve seen on TV where the person loses grips with reality, I am talking about self hypnosis that can help you achieve what you are looking to achieve and teach you how to channel energy and successfully use sex transmutation to bring success and riches to your life.

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Dear Sylviane Nuccio, I think what Hill means with "transmutation of sex drive" is to simply withhold youre self from sex. Waiving your self from sex and use this energy and "transmute" it into youre career, business, goals etc. Use the desire for sex simple for acheaving your goals. That does not meen you should completely withold yourself from sex. But just try to postpone it as long as possible. Fighters for example boxer do not have sex atleast two week before the fight in order to put al there focus and energy into there next fight. I try to use this ciclus of two week and it is giving me tremendous creative energey and strength. But as whith everything.. you got to be awair of it. This is of how i interpret it. :) Jamie

  about 1 decade ago
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