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The Law Of Attraction – The Brain – The Twelfth Step To Success
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The Law Of Attraction – The Brain – The Twelfth Step to Success

The brain, this vital part of us without which we couldn’t move, speak, see, feel, smell, think, or even lift an eyelash. Without our brain we would basically be “nothing”, reduced to the state of pure object that needs to be moved around.

However, even though our brain is responsible for all the actions mention above and more, there is a side of the brain that is much, much less known. As a matter of fact, many people totally ignore or dismiss this attribute of the brain.

In this article we are going to talk about this side of our brain and see how it can help you in your success.

The brain - a broadcasting and receiving station

The attribute much less known about the brain is that it’s a broadcasting and receiving station for thoughts. It can broadcast and receive thoughts just like a radio can broadcast waves through the ether to transmit sounds.

How can the brain receive and send out thoughts?

To understand better how the brain can receive and send thoughts you have to remember first what we are made of. Everything that you see, trees, houses, a piece of furniture, an animal or us, humans are all made of energy. Energy is behind everything that exists that you can see and hear, and things that exist that you cannot see or hear. For example, radio waves do exist, but you can’t see them. There are sounds that are audible only to dogs, but you can’t hear them, however, they do exist. All of this is energy moving at a different frequency.

You can’t see, hear or touch thoughts; however, you know that they do exist. You have thousands of them passing through your mind each and every day. Even when your body is fast asleep and immobile and your mind unconscious, your thoughts show up in the form of dreams. Thoughts are energy too.

The medium that creates thoughts is the brain and it’s that same medium that is able to broadcast and receive such thoughts from one brain to another.

Living proofs of brain waves broadcasting and receiving

You may not be aware of this at all, but there are some people who can feel so strongly what is going on in other people’s brain that they can feel their pain. Maybe this sounds incredible to you. Well, it’s true. I can’t say that I am one of them, but my own mother had a lot of this ability. Recently, I read a blog post from someone who writes about the mind and who is what she calls an “empath”. An empath is a person who is able to read the suffering thoughts of others subconsciously.

In her blog post she described about a time when all of a sudden she felt an extreme anger towards her daughters, except that she had no reason whatsoever to feel such anger towards her daughters with whom she gets along with very well. Shortly after that she found that a woman who was in the room had a lot of anger towards her own daughters. This lady has such a strong capacity of receiving other brain’s thoughts that she was able to capture those thoughts from a stranger in the room and felt the consequence of such thoughts.

Using brain waves broadcasting and receiving to your advantage

I know that you are saying, this is all good and fun, but what does this has to do with success? The brain, the twelfth step to success, right? Yes, indeed. Let me explain how you can use this fantastic ability of the brain for your own advantage and to work for you in your pursuit of success.

As Napoleon Hill puts it very well, the creative imagination is the receiving set of the brain. In other words, it can be said that inventors have a great capacity of “receiving thoughts” from other brains, but they are not the only ones. The brain of an inventor is not any different than yours and mine; it’s just that they have learned how to stimulate their brain to work on a much higher frequency. Sounds complicated? It’s not really.

People who are able to receive other brain’s thoughts easily have just raised their vibrations.

What are vibrations and how can you raise them?

Vibrations are energy that you send out there through the ether. To use a very simple nutshell explanation of what vibrations are, it’s like a barometer for thoughts. Positive, happy thoughts raise your vibrations, negative and dark thoughts lower your vibrations. The lower your vibrations the less likely your brain will be able to receive other thoughts that could lead you to success.

However, if you have studied the law of attraction and how it all works, you know that when you finally decide to attract what you want versus what you don’t want, you find out how an idea can suddenly pop up to your mind, or you are led to go somewhere or do something, etc… We call this a “hint”. What it really is, however, it’s your brain receiving signals from other brains with thoughts vibrating at the same frequency as yours. This is using your brain waves toward your success.

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