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I start this article heavily charged with emotion. I am filled with a passion that is just bordering hate. Hate for myself and for you. Am I justified to feel the way I do? Frankly, I do not care if am justified or not because I will be discussing issues that are bigger than the both of us. I am talking about the issue in Syria, no, actually am talking about an issue bigger than Syria. I am talking about the human . The senseless massacre of children.

Honestly, I feel so helpless at the moment. I know that this article may not make a big difference in the way people think, but I guess that depends on you. Well am going to start by ranting and raving now ( I know people will call it that after am done).

When we turn on our TVs and radios, we hear and see about the murders in Syria. We see the killings of children and all the while I know most of you are thinking.."oh I just hope it stops.." well, with all due can hope all you want but it won't change anything.

If you're still reading this you're probably asking: what else can I do? And the answer is, I'm not writing to tell you what you can do. All I can DO is try to shed some light on a critical issue which is..WHY DO WE KEEP DOING THIS? Why do we keep resulting to physical confrontation? Why must there always be some people in the world putting guns to the heads of children?

Its been like this since the dawn of time. Let's take a Christian view point first. If you are a christian, you're probably praying and asking God to stop the massacre in Syria.. I cannot confirm the accuracy of the bible. According to the bible, God would give power to the Israelites to destroy their enemies. In times when Israel sinned, he would send other people to destroy it. From a philosophical point of view I would boldly declare that the bible is portraying Physical human destruction as the means by which revenge is and should be exacted by God and man. Its as if the bible justifies the existence of violence. Like i said i cannot confirm that the bible is accurate. I personally doubt that it is (mostly because of is paradoxical nature). I do however believe in God. This being said, we have to look for the answer from another avenue.

Let's think in terms of recent history. Think of all the civil wars, all the world wars every single confrontation that the world has had. It seems like w just cannot stop fighting. If it is true that humans evolve with time, we will probably look no better than chimps or any other animal. I think that centuries from now, people will be disgusted at what we have done and what we are doing ( if the human race survives that long anyway).

I believe that we have the ability to rise above violence. Unlike animals, we have brains complemented with a soul, capable of feeling and understanding. We should be able to communicate our differences verbally and then conclusively come up with a solution for almost anything if not everything.

Going back to Syria, in summary form, some people in the country felt that the president was not doing a good job running things and wanted him out. Obviously, the president and his supporters thought otherwise. Hmmmm okay, now we have the conflict. So, in response to the people wanting the president out of office, Assad (the president) responds with violence. He ordered his army to fire on civilians. So now we have the first act of aggression. The civilians respond by also attacking the regime. Now we have fully fledged violence. Now we are back to that cycle of violence that never ends. Third party countries (you and I ) stand and watch. We try to help a little bit but the violence goes on. This could all be avoided if people agreed to communicate. (sounds cliche but you would be surprised how hard it is for people to do.)

It has been this way forever!! I call for change. I hope that you as a reader will always remind yourself and your children and their children's children that violence is actually a rudimentary characteristic of man. One that has to be actively done away with by you and me. The next time you think about resulting to violence, remember this...VIOLENCE ENDS WITH YOU.

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