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Who Else Wants To Save Money?
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Who Else Wants to Save Money?

Work at Home equals work cheap.

After a time I decided that working at home had to be working cheap, mainly because I didn’t have any spare money. When I first started working at home and on the internet I was bombarded by offers from gurus who told me they knew exactly what I wanted and how they had the answers for me, and of course the cost was only $47 or $97 or a mere $970. I looked at a number of these because I was a newbie and tried to analyse what I was really getting for my money.

What I got from this survey of these offers was that most of them simply were not offering value for money. They also were not really teaching me anything so that I could go on and build a sustainable business for my future life, on my own. They all promised me something but in most cases it was pay up front and then you get something. I needed to find a single learning experience, which would give me value for money.

Use Reviews and Surveys to judge Value.

So having wasted a long time listening to the interminable videos which tell you all about the success that this guru has had, showing you the clickbank statements which are supposed to prove that he/she have made a fortune in a short time I spent a long time looking at reviews and surveys on the web of these offers. Most did not get good reviews. Once you are tied in then don’t try to buck the system with questions as this will not get you anywhere.

So I decided to make a rule – no spending – simple right? Well yes it turns out that this rule has saved me a lot of money and time chasing gurus and given me the opportunity to stick with one learning experience and gain the knowledge I need to make a business going forward.

Make use of freebies on the internet.

Finding things free on the internet to help you in this is really easy providing you stick with it.

This is my list of rules:

1. Always download the freebies which pop into your mail box. Then read them, because often if you are a newbie this will give you the basics you need.

2. Join the free newsletters from organisations that can help you in your business. If you are article writing then joins ezine for free and you will get loads of free advice in their newsletters. Don’t join too many though or you will get information overload.

3. When you want to find something out and the only way seems to be to buy, try a “how to” search in Google first and often you will find a free PDF which will give you the basics.

4. If you really can’t see away forward without buying that something try doing without it for a week and see if you managed okay. If you did then you don’t need it. If you didn’t look on the web for a “free” version.

5. Learn to say no to offers, and eventually don’t even look at them – hit the delete key straight away. If you think you are missing something then do a survey as I did.

6. Make a note of how much time you spend looking at these offers and then deleting them – that is time you could use making money!

Conclusions find one learning experience and stick to it. Download as many free learning documents as you can and read them.

You need to learn what to do to be an independent creator and not rely on continual offers which lead no where.

Street Talk

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  about 9 years ago

Great advice to anyone starting out, and a great reminder to those of us who tend to follow those "shiny new objects!"

  about 1 decade ago

Good to know information, Keith. I bought into the $47 But never over. Was I disappointed? No. Was I scammed? No Did the lessons help? No better than the free ones. It did teach me one thing though. Choose wisely and if you do spend money make damn sure you use the program every day. Good article, Keith

  about 1 decade ago

i like your article Keith

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Geoffrey, much appreciated, Regards Keith

  about 1 decade ago
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