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If you have ever dreamed of being famous, you may have imagined what it would be like to be in the spotlight. You may have imagined being interviewed by reporters and appearing on talk shows. You may have dreamed of signing autographs. I have often dreamed of being rich and famous, and there are some aspects of being in the spotlight that I would love.

I would love it if a loyal reader stopped me in the supermarket to tell me that he loved my articles and to ask me for my autograph. I would never be too busy or too tired to stop and sign a piece of paper for him. In addition to autographs, there are other aspects of fame that I would love.

I would enjoy being contactd by talk show representatives who wanted me to appear on their shows. If I did not have a previous engagement, I would agree to go on the show, where I would talk about my work. If my readers saw me on television, they would finally know who I was. I would finally be a real person to them, rather than just a name. Appearing on television may also help my readership to grow. There is also one other aspect of fame that I would love: the money.

If I was famous, I would have plenty of money. I could pay off my student loans, and my husband and I would no longer struggle with our bills. There are other aspects of fame that I would not like, however.

First, I do not always look my best. Like many women, I have bad hair days. I would not want my picture taken when my hair was messed up or when I was sick. During times like these, I would want to be left alone. I would want time to make myself presentable. Then, later, when I looked and felt better, I would be happy to see the paparazzi.

Second, I would not want to be constantly under the microscope, having everything I said and did reported on in the tabloids. If a reporter misinterpreted something I said, I could get in trouble. I would then have to clear up the misunderstanding to make things right. The advantages of fame outweigh the disadvantages, so I would like to be well-known.

I plan to continue my blog, I hope to get into public speaking, and my husband and I are trying to get cast in more movies, so perhaps my dream of fame will come true.

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