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5 Home Acne Remedies For Getting Rid Of Blackheads
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5 Home Acne Remedies For Getting Rid Of Blackheads

Here are a few very simple home acne remedies for getting rid of those tough blackheads.

Blackheads are brought about from bacteria getting stuck in sebum (oils on the skin) in open pores.

Oily skin leads to unsightly blackheads and oily skin is derived from having over active sebum glands which in turn collect dirt in these open pores and an oxidation process takes place and causes this discoloration we know as a blackhead.

These are the five steps you should address in order to gently get rid of these blackheads:

Home acne remedies for getting rid of blackheads #1

Facial Steaming

Put a pot of water on the stove and set it to boil. Once brought to a boil you can turn the heat down or even off and you will see steam rise out of the pot. Now being very careful not to burn your face you are going to stick your face over the steam at a reasonable distance and let the steam work its magic for about 5-10 minutes.

In doing this steaming is an excellent way to open your pores and soften the blackheads trapped in them. Now that your pores are open and the bacterial blackhead has been softened this leads us to the next step.

Home acne remedies for getting rid of blackheads #2

Removing these blackheads at their source

This is much different than popping a pimple which is not recommended. You cannot really “soften” a white head in the same steaming process to remove safely but thankfully you can for a blackhead without damaging the skin.

You are going to want to get a Kleenex and wrap it around your finger tips as your nails could potentially transfer bacteria into the pores. Go ahead and “squeeze” them out gently. Now you are left with blackhead free pores, but you are going to want to tighten them up so the blackheads don’t return right?

That brings us to step 3 in home acne remedies for getting rid of blackheads…

Cleanse the skin

You will want to remove all of the dirt and excess sebum oils that have been brought to the skins surface by steaming so you should use a natural wash to alleviate these impurities.

You can use a mild facial wash you already have or you can make one that is all natural.

One I like to use is made from combining almost equal amounts of honey and lemon juice. Honey is an excellent anti-bacterial and the lemons citric acid will flush out pores and tighten the skin back up while promoting elasticity.

Home acne remedies for getting rid of blackheads #4

Tone the skin

This is a very important and not to be skipped step in any facial cleanse routine for the fact that you are bringing back the natural PH level to your skin. Toning can remove chemicals left behind in your tap water you used to rinse the cleanser off your face, and hydrate the skin so over drying does not occur.

Be careful of the name brand toners you buy over the counter, I would recommend using glycerin, witch hazel, or apple cider vinegar as these are all natural and highly beneficial to your complexion.

Home acne remedies for getting rid of blackheads #5

Moisturize / Hydrate

If you are like most people who have combination skin, you are going to want to be careful in what you apply for this step because you do not want to clog the pores after going through all you just did to unclog them in the first place.

Natural facial oils are not the same as moisture and by keeping the skin stripped of them will only result in the sebum glands to produce more oil.

Keeping well moisturized is sometimes hard because you do not want to clog the pores there are a few really great natural remedies you can use.

Hazelnut oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, and my personal favorite aloe vera gel (the clear kind) are all non greasy non clogging things you can use whenever you need that added moisture to the skin.

More home acne remedies should be sought out for the treatment of all other types of acne as this remedy focuses only on blackhead removal.

The fact that there are many home acne remedies out there for even the most severe acne sufferers should assure you they too will work without harsh side effects as with over the counter medications.

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