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Acne Products That Work: Trust Your Dermatologist
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For nearly every single teenage boy and almost 80% of teenage girls, acne is a heartbreaking reality. From the occasional small breakout to the devastating cystic acne that can destroy a teens self-esteem, acne is more than just a skin condition, as it effects every aspect of the teens life. Blame the acne on fluctuating hormones and then consider whether it is time for a visit to the dermatologist.

For mild to moderate acne breakouts, as well as for prevention and maintenance, there are many over the counter products that are good quality and easy to use. Make sure that the teen does not overuse any product and monitor that they have established a good skin care routine before things get out of hand.

Make sure that any product that you choose contains benzoyl peroxide, but be careful that it is not too drying to the skin. The goal is to reduce excess oil, not all of it. If there is any question about what product is right for you, it might be time to schedule a consultation with a dermatologist even if the acne is still only mild.

More serious cases of acne, including the cystic variety, should definitely require a dermatology appointment. One of the first courses of actions will be to identify the type of acne as well as the skin type and then write a prescription plan that will get rid of the acne without destroying the face.

Antibiotics will usually be prescribed at this point, most commonly tetracycline. It is very important to follow all directions, especially when taking antibiotics. Another step may be to use Retin-A, which although beneficial in many cases carries with it some very serious warnings. These include limiting the amount of sun exposure you get while on the medication and always using sunscreen with a very high SPF.

For the small percentage of acne patients that do have the very severe, cystic acne, there is an oral medication called Accutane that can be helpful, but again carries some very serious side effects. Not only can it dangerously elevate cholesterol and triglyceride levels; it is also a very expensive medication. This makes the choice to use the drug a very personal and serious one and all recommendations (including those for frequent lab work) should be followed to the letter.

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